How much does Recruitment software cost?

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April 22, 2022

One of the major problems that recruitment agencies face is attracting the right talent for their organisation. While recruitment software can solve this problem, an even bigger problem is the high expenses of the recruitment software available in the market. Although the best recruitment software can fulfil all your recruitment and weekly candidate calling goals, would it be worth it if that is not under your budget?

However, sometimes the price is not the only expense that recruitment agencies have to take care of.  The focus should be to see the benefits that the recruitment software provides. Some of the benefits include allowing the recruiters to skip the lengthy processes such as data migration, finding contacts, manually writing emails, etc.  

Recruiters avoiding roadblocks like

Here, look at the potential roadblocks of recruiting software that you must avoid: 

  1. Some recruiting software promises to escalate the hiring process but fails badly.
  2. The unavailability of the demo feature in various recruitment software can be a major turn off for recruiters as they do not know what to expect from the software.
  3. A lot of recruiting software does not support automated replies and processes.
  4. Some recruitment software cannot integrate the company’s data entirely into its processes.

While these are some roadblocks that recruiters can face when choosing the best recruitment software, one thing that they can be certain of is the competitive pricing they need to pay for the recruiting software.

Pricing plans of different recruitment software

Below, we have made a comparison chart of various recruiting software available in the market. Have a look:

Now that we have an idea of the basic pricing plans of the different recruitment software available in the market, a question arises here- how to decide which price to choose?

Well, here is the thing, price is not the deciding factor but can certainly act as a catalyst in choosing the best recruitment software. It is the feature that the recruiters look at first.

Features of a great recruitment software:

  1. Hassle-free hiring process.
  2. Automated replies and follow-ups.
  3. Establishing the relationship between recruiters and candidates is made easier by adding them in a pipeline.
  4. Demo and free trials for a better understanding of the software.

What makes worth the price?

While some recruitment software offers you features and not prices, others might be within your budget but with comparatively insignificant features., on the other hand, is a combination of both- the best features at a reasonable price. escalates the hiring process and is best suited for tech and non-tech users. The easy-to-understand interface and installation of the software make it a preferred choice of the recruiters.

Some features that set unique are:

  1. has an easily searchable database of clients, candidates and professionals. So, finding the email and contact details of candidates is easier than ever.
  2. The huge network of clients and candidates makes the network massive.
  3. The feature to send automated emails and follow-ups after every process is what recruiters would love.
  4. can be easily integrated with Google Chrome, and thus re-engaging with candidates is easy.
  5. With, recruiters can keep track of the messages and responses, through the mini CRM.
  6. The best part of is that it can be integrated with your CRM easily. 
  7. Lastly, the pricing structure of is quite simple and affordable. offers a 15-days free trial, after which the paid plan starts. The basic or Starter pack is for $35/month, the Growth pack is $59/month, and for the Enterprise pack, you can contact our sales team.

The pricing structure of

To conclude

Pricing plays an important part in choosing the recruitment software for your organisation. The market is filled with many recruiting software, but your goal should be to find the one with both the features and the best price suited for your company’s needs.

Fortunately, stands true to its offerings and customers’ expectations. Our huge customer base is proof of why is recommended as the best recruitment software by recruiters. With, you can enhance your reach outs to candidates and even re-engage with them. Hopefully, the points mentioned above will have helped you understand us better. 

Do you still not believe in the magic of Here, book a free trial with and experience it yourself.

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