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April 22, 2022

In today’s candidate-driven job market, recruitment agencies need to find ways to keep the candidates and right talent in the loop throughout the hiring journey. However, with the job market becoming more and more competitive, getting the sourcing process right seems a tedious job. Although several recruitment softwares are present in the market, the real deal is to find recruiting software that can be easily integrated with the existing CRM. Don’t worry; read on to find out more about it.

Risks of Migrating a CRM from one Platform to Another

There is no denying the fact that migrating CRM from one platform to another is a risky task, and there are multiple reasons to support this statement. Some major issues are:

  • Duplicacy of data

It can be that the platform to which you are moving already has a database of your company and contacts. In that case, migrating can lead to the duplicity of the database.

  • Losing the data

This is the major concern that is associated with migrating CRM data. Some crucial data can be lost in the process, only resulting in a huge loss for your company.

  • Time-consuming process

Note that migrating the CRM data can be a time-consuming process. Therefore, before moving, you need to make sure that all the processes are correct and relevant to avoid running into trouble. 

  • Failed user adoption

You might take time to become fully aware of the new platform- the functioning and operations, understanding all of it can be a lengthy process and that, in return, can delay the hiring process.

Therefore, you need a more advanced option to escalate the entire hiring process, and that is why the need for recruitment software that can easily be integrated with the existing CRM has risen.

Benefits of Using a Recruitment Software with CRM Integration

Let us now have a look at the benefits that you can avail of by using a recruiting software with CRM integration:

  1. Omit the entire data migration phase, keeping all your data intact and safe, unlike in softwares without CRM integration.
  2. Engage and re-engage with the candidates.
  3. Build a talent network that resides in a single, searchable database.
  4. A one-stop destination for all your recruitment activities, providing you with tools that could help with sending automated emails and responses, adding candidates to pipeline etc.
  5. Give you statistics and tracks the record of all your recruiting activities.

List of the 10 best recruitment softwares with CRM integration

Below is a list of the best recruitment software that provides you with CRM integration as well::

  1. is a recruitment software that helps you find contact details and reach out to clients and candidates easily. The various features available on the platform can make the hiring journey smooth and efficient.

  1. Crelate:

 Crelate is designed especially for recruiting agencies. The software has an application tracking system as well.

  1. Recruit CRM: 

This is a cloud-based recruitment software that is meant for small- and mid-sized firms and helps them keep track of their daily activities regarding clients, candidates, and more.

  1. Vincere: 

Vincere is an all-in-one recruitment software with plenty of modules to help recruitment agencies.

  1. Recruiterflow:

Recruiterflow is built for the productivity of recruitment agencies. It can help you ease and streamline the operations.

  1. Zoho Recruit:

 Zoho Recruit lets you do job postings on various job boards and career pages and also lets you parse resumes.

  1. CEIPAL: 

CEIPAL is a fully AI-based recruitment software that can easily identify the vacancies and help you match with the right talent for your organisation.

  1. Jobsoid: 

Jobsoid offers you candidate management tools, an applicant tracking system and more.

  1. Bullhorn:

Bullhorn has all the candidate’s information in one place. So, recruiters can contact the candidates within moments.

  1. Salesforce: 

Salesforce is the number 1 customer relationship management platform where all the teams can work together at one time.

Why is the best recruitment software to help integrate with CRM/ATS? can easily help you integrate with the existing CRM and also into the inbox of recruiters. It is a Chrome extension that lets you engage with your candidates and professionals more effectively. As the platform lets you trigger automated replies, following up with the candidates and clients is easier now. You can also track all your activity and check for the templates that you are working upon. As can be easily integrated with your existing CRM and ATS, you don’t have to worry about managing two systems at a single time.

Final Words

Recruitment software has become the need of the hour for recruitment agencies, but the real challenge is to find the one that suits best to your requirements. To begin with, you must understand what it is that you are looking for and whether the respective recruiting software can help you achieve that goal of yours. 

Once you have this answer, the next thing is to look for the price of the recruitment software. That is how you can choose the recruitment software for your organisation. is the perfect combination of advanced features and budget-friendly price, that is the reason why recruitment agencies prefer us.

Book a free trial of today and get to see the magic yourself.

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