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May 9, 2022

RecruitIng agencies, marketers, and recruitment specialists utilize recruitment software to perform a variety of tasks, including organizing and controlling the hiring process' workflow. It automates duties such as reaching out and shortlisting candidates, and keeping lines of contact open, among other things.

Conventional recruiting takes a lot of time and effort, but with recruiting software the recruiting process can be automated that saves time and money.

Key Features to Look Out For in the Best Recruiting Software 

  1. Managing Contacts and automates email

Recruiting software helps find email of candidates and clients from the network with one click. It ensures your recruiting engine always generates more leads for you at the top of the funnel. It makes sure to automate the email, and auto follow-ups to engage the candidates. It speeds up the hiring process.

  1.  Easy Integration

Its user interface must work in unison with existing technologies to ensure a smooth transition, as well as ease of use and adaptability in day-to-day operations. Open interfaces and partner markets, which are full of supplemental software programs organized by recruiting functions, have been developed as a response by software companies. These associate marketplaces cut down on the time and effort it takes to find applications that meet your specific requirements.


  1. Free Trial and Demos 

Previews and free trials help you do just that by highlighting your needs and allowing you to evaluate the software's functions, features, and maximum capabilities for yourself to see if it's the right fit for your goals. Instead of settling for a superficial comprehension of the software, you should dive deeper and try to comprehend all of its aspects.

  1. Friendly User Interface and Cost Reduction

Using a recruitment solution shouldn't necessitate any expensive training or technical knowledge. Recruitment software in the current generation is more clear, user-friendly, and visually appealing. Computerized administrative chores and unlimited modifications are among the features of the user interface. It should also be cheap and appropriately priced to meet your organization's needs.

  1. Recruiting Software integrates with CRM and ATS

Recruitment software integrates with CRM/ATS that eliminates the need of updating two systems. Using a candidate relationship management (CRM) system, recruiters can actively uncover candidates by creating candidate pools and nurturing them through recruitment activities. 

Recruitment marketing entails using marketing best practices such as analytics and automated messaging to connect and engage prospects 

ATSs are a type of recruitment software that focuses on making your recruiting process simpler and more regulated so that recruiters can make better candidate picks. 

Best Recruiting Software with Free Chrome Extension and 15 Day Trial 


Obtaining contact information for potential employees has never been easier, and they are all just a couple of clicks away.'s resume parsing feature organizes candidates' portfolios into a vast database that can be readily searched. It's as easy as entering a search term into a search engine! allows for sending automated follow-ups in addition to custom marketing emails. With its large network of aspirants, executives, and clients, is quickly establishing itself as one of the top recruitment software firms.

  1. ContactOut

It's easy to use and integrates with LinkedIn. It's also speedy and accurate. If you're a recruiter, LinkedIn will provide you with the necessary contact email or phone number, or both, if you're seeking suitable candidate contacts. It's reasonably priced, and there are also some free choices.

  1. Signalhire

SignalHire originated as a candidate and professional sourcing service for recruiters. Since then, it has grown into a cutting-edge procurement platform. It gathers data on employees who are most likely to shift jobs in the near future using predictive sourcing technology. There are demos and free trials available.

  1. Lusha

Lusha facilitates the employment process by providing a broader pool of qualified candidates. By enrolling each applicant in the appropriate monitoring stage using their Bullhorn connection, you may reduce the time it takes to hire. You can save energy and money if you have more information. To increase the number of people who connect with you and hire you, personalize each message and phone call. Lusha also offers a free trial and demonstration.

     5. Zoominfo

ZoomInfo's dynamic data and technology help you maximize the potential of various market initiatives by allowing you to provide the right information to the right prospect at the right moment. It also shortens the sales cycle and simplifies prospecting research. Demos and a free trial are available.

Why is one of the industry's most productive and trustworthy recruitment software alternatives. combines ease of use and minimalism with pinpoint accuracy to give recruiters the best hiring experience at the lowest cost. strives to offer clients and organizations a simple download and installation process that does not necessitate complicated operations or processes. does not require users to have a strong technical background to utilize it, making it simple for entrepreneurs to use. Their main characteristic is integration, finding contact information and setting automated follow ups. integrates seamlessly with a recruiter's inbox and Google Chrome. You can also keep track of email traffic and response statistics. integrates with platforms like Gmail, Outlook, Salesforce, PC Recruiter, Bullhorn, and Jobadder, etc.

They also assist you in improving so that you can determine which style performs best for your target market. Because they link with your existing CRM software, you won't have to worry about updating two systems. They are also highly respected by their clients for responding quickly to their suggestions and complaints. There are numerous free trials and demos available.

You may sign up for a 15-day free trial on their website, which allows you to try out all of the features and potential.

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