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May 2, 2022

Human resource recruiting is a serious business, especially for companies that aren't taking it as such. Nowadays, managing the recruitment process is more simple than ever, thanks to a new generation of web-based recruiting software. However, a majority of this software is not user-friendly, and many don't have a chrome extension.

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Recruitment softwares without chrome extension

What is recruitment software?

Recruitment software is an essential part of any business looking to hire new employees, especially larger companies that need to hire a considerable amount of people.

Recruitment software allows you to manage your recruitment process to find the best talent for your business. This includes candidate sorting, managing email communications, follow-ups, etc.

The recruitment process is complex and time-consuming, especially when recruiting agencies have to recruit for multiple open positions for your employer. This time-consuming process is where recruitment software helps. 

Having the right recruitment software can make all the difference when it comes to finding the right talent and streamlining the hiring process. You can easily supercharge your hiring process and make it more efficient.

The software also helps you find the best methods to promote your business through social media and online jobs.

How does recruitment software work?

Sourcing: It helps recruiters to find the active as well as passive candidates from the job portals and other social media websites.

Engagement: It helps to streamline the communication between recruiters and job seekers. It engages candidates and keeps them informed about the hiring process. It ultimately helps candidates to have a better hiring experience.

Selection: Based on the screening criteria, helps in selecting the right candidates among the list of qualified candidates.

Hiring: This is the final step of the recruitment process. Recruitment tools will help to make the onboarding process more efficient and effective.

Things to consider before choosing a recruitment software

If you search for the best recruitment software on google, it will list up a software list which makes choosing a reliable one a hectic task. However, you can consider the below-given point to get the best value for your money. 

  • Firstly, always seek a trial version of the software, or you can ask to provide a demo version. 
  • Look for critical elements like automation, integration, and CRM. Make sure the recruitment software is easy to use and has an extension, so your work will get easier.

Benefits of a recruitment software:

1. Improves Productivity

The administration tasks like filling out paperwork, forms, etc, can be automated with the recruitment software that speeds up the process and saves a lot of time on mundane tasks. It also helps in collaborating with other team members and avoids duplication of the hiring process.

2. Offers faster communication

Faster communication helps reach out to the best candidates and keep them engaged in the hiring process. It automates the email responses and keeps candidates in the loop. It not only creates tailored email campaigns for your business, but it can also send automated follow-ups. 

3. Data Analytics

The software can collect information about the candidates such as how many applicants, the number of views, etc. Data analytics plays a major role in decision-making for future job postings and other strategic hiring plans. Automated reports can help you to make informed decisions based on the data.

4. Automation

Lack of automation creates a poor candidate experience; however, recruitment tools automate the hiring process, reducing human error and giving the best experience to the applicants. It saves money, offers returns on investment, and improves hiring efficiency. 

5. Engaging job posts

It can create engaging recruiting posts that appeal specifically to the target candidates you are looking forward to hiring.

6. 24*7 Access

It is a software tool that you can access any time of the day. You can use the recruiting tool without the restriction of time or place. You can access the tool via multiple devices, including mobile and computers.

Recruitment software with chrome extension:

“Extensions are small software programs that customize your browsing experience, and can be tailored to your needs.”

Recruitment software can help companies and other business platforms to get the right fit for their designation. The problem is that many of these tools are not user-friendly, and they often don't have a chrome extension.

Recruiting software chrome extension is a simple installation and setup process that does not necessitate complex workflows or roundabout processes right away. You don't need strong technical knowledge to install it.

Recruitment software with chrome extension enhances Google Search Results. It increases your chances to connect with ideal candidates as it can find the candidate’s email or professional email.

It can fetch contacts from Linkedin, other job boards, and social media sites. It is a very useful tool for recruiting agencies, as it helps them find the perfect fit for open job positions.

It can also provide additional information, including qualification, education, experience, and contact details. Recruiters can develop and maintain their talent database.

Recruitment extensions can easily automate the recruitment process as recruiters are busy professionals so it can save their time and energy. It will also reduce the redundant tasks, and HR professionals can focus on more important tasks of hiring.

It will allow you to sync all the data in a place and help you find and access data easily. Having data in place will accelerate your recruitment process and you can make quick decisions. Recruitment tools will perform faster and error-free operations than human resources. offers a chrome extension with a simple installation and setup process. integrates well with popular job boards like LinkedIn, Indeed, Glassdoor, Monster, and with business apps like Gmail, Outlook 365, etc.

It offers a 15-day free trial. You can use the chrome extension and can compare your current hiring process against 


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