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May 9, 2022

With the ever-increasing demand for digital communication, companies are looking for digital recruitments to meet demand.

Digital recruitment has far-reaching benefits. It can be used to eliminate redundancy and increase productivity. Digital recruitment is an excellent way to meet demand and reduce redundancy. 

The email niche has become popular worldwide. In addition, with the increase in mobile app usage, many companies are looking for software that will help them automate their recruitment process. This would include the ability to find the perfect candidate through various channels.

Popular email platforms like Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo mail, Hotmail, etc are widely used globally. If we see the statistics, Gmail is the most popular inbox provider across 25 countries, and Gmail is also widely used in the US, occupying 41.9% of email service provider shares as per the report by SendGrid, 2019. 

As per a report by Gartner, 13% of public listed companies use either Outlook or Gmail for business, and the rest 87% either use a combination of Gmail and Outlook or opt to use an on-premise, hybrid, hosted, or private cloud email, etc.

Recruitment software that can integrate with a company's existing CRM is very beneficial for companies. When used in conjunction with a company's existing email management system, it can be easier to manage all aspects of hiring - from team members to employees. 

Why should you consider recruitment software with email integration?

Recruitment software with Email is in high demand, and there are a few good reasons for this. 

  • They offer several collaboration and communication features for free. 
  • They are more likely to hire for their organizations than recruitment software that doesn't. 
  • Recruitment software with email integration can input important information about your candidates and use that information to shape your digital marketing campaigns. 
  • It can provide accurate results with the help of automated recruitment machinery. 

Benefits of recruitment software integration with Email:

1. Inbox integration with multiple Email platforms

If your email platform and your recruiting software are not synced, you are losing the precious working hours of your recruiters. Inbox integration makes documenting correspondence much easier and smoother within your recruitment software.

Recruitment software can access the information when integrated with your email inbox. Popular email platforms like Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo mail, etc. can easily be integrated with recruitment software.

2. Tracking

Integration with Email allows you to track the candidates’ email communication automatically. You can see the emails, and filter them as per your requirement. The communication is well organized and standardized and can be accessed at any time by the recruiting team. 

3. Improve Productivity

There is no need to keep track of tasks as it will automatically get created in the recruiting tool as well as in Email. It automatically tracks all candidates and emails without wasting time on extra clicks. 

Access key information on candidates, and contacts directly within the inbox. The integration will achieve a maximum number of placements by saving time and ultimately increasing productivity. It also allows you to have hassle-free internal communication with team members.

4. Seamless automation

Recruitment software integration with Email will eliminate all the manual data entry. The integration will automate the process and will bring all of the tools together, and save your time as you don’t have to switch between different platforms.

It eliminates copying and pasting emails into records, as the process will be done automatically which will save time, and avoid errors.

5. Streamline Process

The workflow can be tremendously improved when you control everything from one platform. It saves recruiters time and improves productivity. You can connect with different teams across the company for hiring. It ensures that the system is secured, and only authorized people can access the data.

6. Work on multiple devices

Recruitment software integrated with your Email can be accessed from any device connected to the internet. You can access it through your mobile device or from any computer. Recruiters can connect to prospective candidates whenever they want without the restriction of device or time. The recruiting team can work efficiently on any device without limitations of time and place.

7. Competitive advantage

When integrated with email platforms, it gives you a competitive edge over the competition in creating a talent pool and hiring the best candidates for the required positions in the shortest time. You make the first move to reach out to the candidates, and give a positive onboarding experience to the candidates with less time and in a more efficient way.

8. Improve candidates experience

Faster communication within the organization and with the applicants make a positive experience for both the candidates and team members. Recruiters can utilize their time more efficiently, and provide more attention to candidates.

Recruitment software like is great for getting a job by finding a right-fit candidate on the internet. They take the guesswork out of hiring, and you can be sure that your business is getting the best possible representation. helps companies find the right employees for the position while also storing and tracking the data of all employees. This software is free to use, and there are subscription plans available. The paid plans allow you to track specific data (e.g. number of hires, number of jobs) and have more control over the software's features. seamlessly integrates with your popular email platforms like Gmail, Outlook, etc. It will transform your email into a single workflow that will streamline your process, save your time, and create a talent pool. 

You can book a 15-day free trial and enjoy the benefits of with your email integration.

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