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May 9, 2022

Email communication is at the core of the hiring process. Recruitment software when integrated with Gmail helps you communicate with prospective candidates outside the organization.

Gmail (Google mail) is the most popular email platform with over 1.8 billion users worldwide. It is the most popular and widely used email for personal and business communication across the globe.

Gmail holds a 53% share of the US email market in 2020, and 306.4 billion emails are sent and received daily in 2020 with Gmail.

Considering the reach of Gmail across the globe, a few recruitment software in the market can be integrated with Gmail and provide the best talent and seamless hiring for both recruiter and employee. 

Recruitment Software with Gmail can be integrated with your other online tools such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. You can connect with them all from one place so you can track their engagement and get a better understanding of what to do next. 

Gmail is a popular email platform that needs no training, is affordable, and is used globally for personal and professional email communication. Gmail encrypts your messages and is a highly reliable email platform.

Recruitment software for automated integration can be more efficient and faster in its implementation. This means that you can be sure that the software does the job well and that your resources are used in the best way possible. 

Benefits of recruitment software integration with Gmail

Inbox integration

Recruitment software can access the information when integrated with your Gmail inbox. It keeps the data in one place and has no cluttered mailbox at all. You can have a standard communication with your candidates with two-way sync with Gmail. If your email platform and your recruiting software are not synchronized, you are losing the precious working hours of your recruiters. Inbox integration makes documenting correspondence much easier and smoother within your recruitment software.


Integration with Gmail allows you to track the candidates’ email communication automatically. You can see the emails, and filter them as per your requirement. The communication is well organized and standardized and can be accessed at any time. 

All emails from and to candidates are stored in one place. You can schedule interviews based on your availability within the recruitment software. Answer all of your candidate emails directly within the recruitment tools. 

Tracking allows users to access the training details, certifications, salary, checklist, etc, and other necessary information in a single place.

Improve Productivity

You can create various tasks in the Gmail inbox. Any new task or new contacts will sync right into the recruitment tool. There is no need to keep track of tasks as it will automatically get created in the recruiting tool as well as in Gmail. It automatically tracks all candidates and emails without wasting time on extra clicks. Access key information on candidates, and contacts directly within the inbox. Bulk recruitment processes also can be handled smoothly when you are filling multiple vacancies.

No data duplication

Recruitment software integration with Gmail is necessary for running your hiring process more efficiently. It helps in avoiding duplication of data. The risk of errors in data is reduced to zero which ultimately saves time, and improves the efficiency of the recruiter.

Seamless automation

Recruitment software integration with Gmail will eliminate all the manual data entry. The integration will automate the process and will bring all of the tools together, and save your time as you don’t have to switch between different platforms.

It eliminates copying and pasting emails into records, as the process will be done automatically which will save time, and avoid errors.

Streamline Process

The workflow can be tremendously improved when you control everything from one platform. It saves recruiters time and improves productivity. You can connect with different teams across the company for hiring. It ensures that the system is secured, and only authorized people can access the data.

Internal Communication

Communication and hiring are the two sides of a coin. Communication with the internal team, as well as with candidates is at the core of the hiring process. If your recruitment software solves the internal and external communication then you are all set to speed up your hiring process. Removing communication barriers saves you time, and improves the overall hiring efficiency.

Automation brings everything to one place that helps to improve internal communication as employees can trace the trail of emails and correspondence. Prospective candidates will not receive multiple emails from different team members, as team members will be able to access the information shared with candidates. 

Work on multiple devices

Recruitment software integrated with your Gmail can be accessed from any device connected to the internet. You can access it through your mobile device or from any computer. Recruiters can connect to prospective candidates whenever they want without the restriction of device or time.

Branding and candidate experience

Delay in communication with the candidates may increase the chance of losing the best-fit talent, but thanks to the smooth and seamless integration of recruitment software with the email platforms, the communication is faster and prompt without any manual work. Candidates also receive timely emails and follow-ups, and onboarding becomes a positive experience for candidates.

The automation allows you to share content, and posts on social media creating more awareness about your organization and creating more visibility in the job market with just a click of a mouse.

Having the best recruitment software gives you a competitive advantage over your competitors. You make the first move to reach out to the candidates, and give a positive onboarding experience to the candidates with less time and in a more efficient way. seamlessly integrates with your Gmail and automates your hiring process. It will transform your Gmail into a single workflow that will streamline your process, save your time, and create a talent pool.

You can book a 15-day free trial, and enjoy the benefits of with your Gmail integration.



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