Top 4 Recruitment Softwares for Recruitment Agencies

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April 12, 2022

The foundation and growth of any business largely depends on its recruitment strategy. A well-planned and efficient recruitment strategy attracts and retains the top talented workforce and could give your business a competitive advantage over the rest. To further facilitate the recruitment process, agencies use recruitment softwares that do the screening (and more) for them.

Today, with the rise in newer technologies like AI and ML, recruitment softwares have evolved beyond the simple ATS (Application Tracking System) and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) into a robust all-in-one tool. 

Features and Benefits of the Best Recruitment Softwares.

Hiring is a critical process that requires focused attention towards identifying and retaining the best talent. According to the undercover recruiter, nearly 52% of hiring managers find it challenging to identify the top candidates amidst fierce competition. Hence, recruiters must keep up with the current trends and use the latest and relevant softwares to deliver impactful results and grow as a business. 

The following are the top four recruiting softwares that can help recruitment companies redefine the hiring process-

  1. Zoho Recruit

Zoho Recruit is a cloud-based software that primarily functions as an Application Tracking System (ATS). It meets the end-to-end needs of the hiring process exclusively designed for recruitment agencies, temporary workforce, and corporate HRs. This recruiting software allows you to organise the candidate and client data, resumes, and job openings and enables you to create a custom hiring process specific to your business.

This robust software is integrated with several premium job boards like LinkedIn, Monster, Indeed, etc., and allows you to advertise your job on any of these platforms. It can scan millions of records to find the best match for a given job in a specific location.

Zoho Recruit is rated the top performer and the most popular recruitment software by Capterra for the year 2021. 

  1. Recruit CRM

Recruit CRM is a single solution to track and manage data on open positions, candidates, and clients. It is a robust ATS and CRM trusted in more than 75 countries. Recruit CRM accelerates your hiring process and saves a considerable amount of time. This recruitment software helps visualize the candidate's stage in the hiring pipeline through an interactive digital board. 

The provision of a powerful parser scans your inbox for resumes and parses them to extract precise information using Artificial Intelligence (AI). It also allows you to create a hotlist to save a curated list of candidates for your future reference.

Recruit CRM also helps manage jobs easily by allowing you to add notes or reminders and post to global job boards. Using this recruiting software, you can seamlessly automate and customize the hiring pipeline according to your business needs.


CEIPAL is recruitment and workforce software used extensively by startups and growing companies. It is a 360-degree recruitment platform designed to assist in the hiring process, improve productivity and reach business goals. CEIPAL provides an array of solutions specialized for hiring and workforce management. CEIPAL provides integration with more than 50+ job boards. The robust AI capabilities list out candidate recommendations and increase candidate sourcing by 70%. This recruiting software is backed with an AI-powered feature that helps achieve a diverse workforce.

CEIPAL software offers new hires a paperless, digital, and centralized onboarding portal. You can now provide hassle-free step-by-step processes for the new hires with customized forms and an accessible to-access document library. This allows for a personalized experience for the newly selected candidates and boosts their performance.

  1. Longlist is a chrome browser extension for recruiters that helps collaborate and re-engage with candidates and clients. Finding the correct contact details and engaging with the clients and candidates is a critical aspect of the recruitment process effortlessly handled by Longlist. It helps generate a database of contact details from job boards like LinkedIn through an intuitive and simple User Interface. Longlist also ensures to generate more leads for your business and automate email follow ups by integrating with your inbox.

You can now view and track your activity through visually impactful reports and update your hiring pipeline using Longlist. Make a smooth transition of candidate and client data across your existing ATS/CRM, eliminating the need to update separately

Longlist is highly rated with positive reviews in recruitment software assessing portals, including Capterra.

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