What is Recruitment Software, and How does it Impact Recruiting Process?

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March 1, 2022

Recruitment is a crucial process that contributes to the success of an organization by identifying and fulfilling the talent requirements of the company. It has become increasingly competitive for recruiters to hire the best resources for a company among thousands of candidates. 

Thankfully, recruitment softwares have replaced manual recruitment processes, including tedious and time-consuming paperwork. According to reports, nearly 98% of Fortune 500 companies use recruitment software for their hiring process, and 94% of the recruiters have benefited from using recruiting software.

If you are a recruitment company looking to modernize your hiring procedure, you must consider investing in a recruiting software. This article explains what a recruitment software is, its benefits, and its innovative features in detail.

What is a Recruitment Software?

A Recruitment software comprises tools designed for recruiters, hiring managers, and talent acquisition professionals to streamline and automate the recruitment workflow. It can be categorized based on the functions like sourcing, screening, applicant tracking, interviewing, onboarding etc.

Applicant Tracking System (ATS), interviewing tools, Candidate Relationship Management (CRM) etc., are some of the standard tools included in recruitment software. 

What Are the Benefits of Recruiting Software?

  1. Simplifies the Complex Manual Process

Screening through hundreds of paper resumes and finding the perfect candidate is tiresome, monotonous, and time-consuming. It would take several days to weeks to filter out the unmatched applicants and choose the right fit.

Recruiting softwares have made the entire hiring process a breeze that simplifies the difficulties.

  1. Streamlines and Automates the Hiring Process

Good recruiting softwares will streamline the existing steps and processes involved in hiring and significantly reduce the administrative tasks. Automation allows recruiters to improve the efficiency and the quality of work in less time.

  1. Improves Access from Anywhere From Any Device

New-age recruitment softwares is easily accessible from anywhere and on any device. It removes the constraints of being confined to the office premise or elaborate paperwork and gives the flexibility to perform the operations at your comfort.

  1. Improves the Experience for the Candidate

In hiring, the candidate needs to be communicated periodically about the progress made during the selection process. Failing to do this might reflect the inadequacy of the company. A recruiting software keeps the candidates posted on the advancement and offers a great experience.

  1. Simplifies Retrieval of Records and Database Maintenance

It is arduous to find a particular resume among hundreds of paper records. It has now become a matter of a few clicks to add, retrieve, or edit a record and maintain the database.

  1. Improves Performance with Analytics

A recruitment software enables you to view and compare the number of open positions to applicants and their progress. The analytics dashboard improves the performance of the hiring managers and allows them to take necessary actions.

  1. Maintains Confidentiality of Sensitive Data

There is access to sensitive candidate information during the recruitment process, including personal contact numbers and email ids, which must be maintained confidential. A recruitment software provides secure storage and transmission of sensitive information.

What are the New Features of Recruitment Softwares

Innovation is the need of the hour - especially in the recruitment industry that is evolving at a fast pace. It is important to choose a recruitment software with innovative features that address potential gaps and simplify the hiring process.

The following are some of the latest innovative features in recruitment software:-

  1. Screens Résumés with AI

New generation recruiting softwares leverage Artificial intelligence (AI) to automatically screen résumés and match the right ones according to the specifications of the open position. The software processes thousands of records in the database and grades them based on the requirements' closest matches. It prevents resumes from being ignored when shortlisting for a high volume submission.

  1. Allows You to Reconnect with Applicants

Even if an applicant did not match the current open role, you could target them by reconnecting with them for future job openings through recruitment software. This innovative feature helps reduce the time taken and considerably reduce the cost of sourcing candidates for new open job positions.

  1. Integrates With other Tools and Platforms

A well-equipped recruiting software enables integration with other existing tools and platforms. The need to update other systems like ATS and CRM is eliminated by integrating the recruiting software with these applications. 

Sometimes recruitment agencies do not hear back from the clients or the candidates. You could avoid such situations by seamlessly integrating the recruitment software with the email inbox that triggers automated follow-ups.

  1. Builds Reports and Analytics Seamlessly

One of the essential features of a recruitment software is its ability to process analytics and reports. View, compare and track the various candidate metrics and hiring templates through efficient reports generated by recruiting software.


Recruitment softwares effectively bridge the gap between job seekers and job providers. If you are a recruitment agency looking forward to automating and streamlining your hiring processes, consider investing in an efficient recruiting software like Longlist.io

Longlist is a chrome extension that aids recruiters and hiring professionals by simplifying the end-to-end recruitment workflow. Rediscover hiring with innovative features and an easy to use interface with Longlist.io.

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