Why do agencies need recruitment software?

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April 30, 2022

Recruitment is a highly competitive industry in the modern era as recruitment agencies compete to find the best talent.

Recruiting agencies bridge the employment gap for employers by sourcing the right candidates for vacant positions; however, it is a Herculean task for a recruiting agency to find the right-fit candidate from the ocean of applicants that stake their time and energy. 

But with the edge of technology, recruiting software is improving the user experience and convenience at the same time. It is helping in making the recruitment process a lot easier and faster.

A study by Capterra suggests that 75% of recruiters use recruiting software, and of those, 95% of recruiting managers agree that the recruiting software has improved their hiring process.

What Is Recruiting Software?

The term recruiting software refers to software that helps an organization, especially a recruiting agency in its hiring process. It makes the job easier by reaching out to candidates, fetching their contacts, and also seamlessly works with CRM for automated emails and follow-ups.

It is a broader category than applicant tracking systems, as it includes tools to help with individual phases of the hiring process. Interestingly, recruitment agencies implement recruiting software to streamline the hiring process and support their clients. The software optimization process helps both recruiters and prospects to have a better hiring experience.

Recruiting software can make the hiring process more efficient and speedier. Using recruitment software not only saves time for managers and recruiters but also makes it easier for a company to hire outstanding applicants who are considering various counter-offers.

Recruiting software makes the application process easier for candidates and opens up communication channels, both of which make a significant contribution to candidate experience.

It has been proven time and time again that candidates who have positive experiences with an organization's hiring process are more likely to recommend the company to their friends and family or even apply again themselves.

Here is our take on top reasons why recruiting agencies need recruitment software:

1. Highly efficient 

Recruiting software is an excellent approach to organizing your work and achieving the best outcomes. 

It saves juggling with spreadsheets as recruitment software provides a platform where the recruiter can handle all of the data as well as inboxes in one location, making it highly efficient.

2. Streamline your hiring process

Recruiting is a lengthy process, and similar steps are repeated for each candidate throughout the hiring journey. Recruitment software eliminates your manual work and streamlines the hiring process by reducing time spent on resume screening, holding interviews, sending emails, and other tasks, etc.

3. Improved hiring experience

Everyone in the recruitment industry understands the value of a pleasant applicant experience, and using recruitment software is one approach to ensure that your candidates have a favorable experience.

It removes numerous roadblocks and provides a user-friendly platform for both candidates and recruiters. 

It also greatly helps in the enhancement of your company's employment brand and the promotion of your company's positive image in the marketplace.

4. Highly customized

The best thing about recruitment software is that they are adaptable, future-proof, and highly customizable. 

Every candidate and recruiter has unique demands, and staffing software can be tailored to meet those needs to the greatest extent possible. The customization as per your organization's requirements can create better results for you.

5. Cost-effective

Recruitment software is a boon to small and medium-sized agencies that can save a bunch of costs on diverse work resources by investing in recruiting software.

There is no need to invest in any infrastructure that the recruitment firm may want because the most recent technology is always cloud-based software. You can also opt for service-based payment, which allows small businesses to pick and choose whatever services they wish to use and pay only for those services.

6. Edge over competition

When it comes to seamless and speedy communication as well as tracking the entire application process, recruitment software is the way to go. 

Agencies can gain a competitive advantage over competitors by using good recruiting software that speeds up their hiring process.

7. Collaborative Hiring 

The hiring process is a team effort rather than something that can be completed by one person. 

Everyone works differently; therefore, to operate well as a team, they must communicate effectively and be organized, which a recruitment software may help with. It allows you to record the entire process while also letting everyone contribute equally. This allows employees to feel important and motivates them to work more.

8. Available 24/7

Traditional recruitment strategies are only available during business hours (unless you want to bring a mountain of paperwork home with you!). You may use recruiting software at any time of day, which increases efficiency and allows you to reply to inquiries and applications quickly. 

As you can see, integrating HCM platforms as a business with recruiting software or as a recruitment agency can provide a lot of benefits. By using the best recruitment software for your organization, you can streamline your hiring process and enhance your efficiency tenfold.

The size of a company has little bearing on whether or not it should use recruitment software. Even though you are on a tight budget, recruitment software is worth investing in if your small recruitment agency wants to be a pioneer in the recruitment industry. 

Many companies and employment agencies have benefited from recruiting software to hire the best-suited, qualified, and top-performing employees.

Longlist.io is an excellent recruitment software that integrates seamlessly with your existing CRM/ATS and gives you the best hiring experience. It is highly customizable that helps you reach out and engage with your candidates. Book a 15-day free trial with longlist.io and experience the use of technology in your recruitment process. 

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