Why do Companies need Recruiting Software? 

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May 2, 2022

In today’s times, the world around is progressing towards becoming more and more tech-savvy, and companies find it increasingly imperative to automate every aspect of their business. 

Similarly, for recruitment, manually processing, reaching out and sourcing everty candidate can be a very tedious task and limits the productivity of the recruiter. 

To avoid getting bogged down with a huge load of candidates, and other administrative tasks, many companies are adopting recruiting software to streamline their talent sourcing processes and become more efficient. 

What is Recruitment Software?

Recruitment software helps recruitment agencies to find out the contact details of prospective candidates. It drastically reduces the time to search for candidates and creates a talent pool.

It also integrates with email platforms and triggers automatic follow-ups, and streamlines the email communication with candidates.

It also tracks all the email activities, and a good recruiting software also generates reports on the activities.

It integrates with Candidate Relationship Management Systems/ Application Tracking System, and it makes sure you use only one system.

Recruiters can use a candidate relationship management (CRM) system to actively find candidates by creating candidate pools and fostering them via recruitment activities. 

Recruitment marketing involves using marketing best practices including using insights and sending automated messages to their talent pools to interact, acquire and train prospects to raise awareness of a company's corporate image and work opportunities.

A CRM is used to develop direct and indirect prospects who have displayed interest in the business or who may be a great fit due to their qualifications and experience but have not yet applied for a position. 

Benefits of Recruiting Software :

1. Access to More Markets 

For any firm to succeed, it must reach out to the enormous tech-oriented world. One of the most important aspects of success is making known to the world about your idea. 

Recruiting software gives you access to a large database of leads, which may help you market your job openings and link you with the right people. 

It also creates a methodical pool of talent that can be called upon when new openings arise. 

As a result, you'll be transported to your selected battleground, where your target audience can play an active role. 

SaaS-based technologies like longlist.io lets you access huge databases of people with their qualifications and employment. 

2. Time Efficient

Recruiting software relieves your acquisition and HR personnel of some of their more administrative tasks. Rather than heaps of charts, emails, and documents, the correct software will combine all aspects and streamline the process into one simple medium. 

Recruiting software can save hiring time by up to 20%, yet despite the advances in technology, 54% of businesses still use a traditional, spreadsheet-based hiring process. 

It is understandable why businesses might be hesitant to disrupt a procedure that has served them well for many years. 

However, businesses must always strive to be better and adopt more efficient solutions in the fast pacing world.  

In this sense, no one can deny that much more time and productivity are beneficial to any business.

3. Improves the Communication Process 

During recruitment, it is crucial to act promptly and interact efficiently with both internal employees and prospective candidates. 

Recruiting Software is equipped with a variety of useful tools which automates many stages like email responses, and other communication tools. 

Using recruitment software, you may greatly expand your lines of communication and keep the applicants updated. Other employees can access the system to look at a candidate’s details and any additional information.

4. Easy Customization

Recruiting is a human-to-human connection, and technology will never be able to replace it. 

Since every organization is distinct, and needs differ depending on job and sector, the correct recruitment software will not disrupt your hiring process and instead will improve it. 

Recruiting Software allows for easy customization according to each company’s needs and arrangements. 

When selecting the software for your business, ensure that it won't lock your staff into a procedure, but rather encourage them to establish milestones and tasks on their terms.

5. Diversifies a company’s Sourcing Policies

One of the most typical issues with recruitment is the sourcing tactics employed - sometimes companies employ unsuitable individuals or recruit them from incorrect locations.  

You may assess your sourcing tactics and see where you could be missing the mark by using the recruitment software. You may then tweak your sourcing and refine it in the future using the same tools. 

6. Works Round the Clock 

Amazon Work GIF by 15 Passenger

Traditional hiring methods require manual workers who are only accessible during business hours. However, one can use recruiting software at any time of day, boosting productivity and allowing recruiters to react to queries and candidates at record speed and their convenience. 

7. Choosing the Right Software 

Choosing the right software for your business is very imperative. 

Firstly identify your biggest challenges and problems at the moment and select the software that solves that issue.

It could be anything; ranging from screening ineligible resumes or other administrative tasks, the software you pick should not only streamline that process but should also simplify and integrate well with your current tools. 

Popular recruitment tools like longlist.io streamline the recruitment process of businesses and also help them in finding and creating a talent pool. You can opt for a 15-day free trial period without investing and can continue if you find longlist.io the best recruitment software for your company. Recruitment software is a powerful instrument that may help you with your hiring process. 

These advanced tools have been utilized by several world-class companies. They're on their way toward becoming the foundation of candidate hiring and recruitment. 

Taking into account all of the benefits, incorporating recruiting software and pre-employment testing into your hiring process will undoubtedly speed up and strengthen your hiring process, allowing you to hire better personnel. 

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Abhi K

Abhi is the co-founder at Longlist.io. Funded by US based OnDeck, Longlist is currently enabling 50+ businesses to increase their candidate and client reach outs, automating the workflow across stages. He has been an author of 30+ blogs and has been hosted in several podcasts mostly covering topics mostly around tech in recruitment. For someone who has worked in recruitment services set up and emerged to be a founder of a tech startup, Abhishek is emerging as a thought leader in the space. Overall Abhi has 12+ years of experience working in Recruitment, and HR Tech domains across 4 countries. He started his career with Sthree PLC after graduating from the University of Wales and then moved on to lead business growth for Belong.co (funded by Sequoia). His other interests include fitness, meditation and music.

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