Why is Recruitment Software important In Startups ?

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April 24, 2022

Recruitment is one of the fundamental processes for businesses, from large organisations to startups—the time-consuming and challenging task for recruiters to find talented employees suitable for the requirements. Technology evolution has been enhancing the performance of all aspects of the business, including the recruitment process. Today, recruitment software platforms are available for recruiters and talent acquisition professionals to automate and streamline the recruitment workflow. It includes sourcing, applicant tracking and onboarding candidates. 

Importance of Recruitment Software in Startups:

Startups are the perfect examples of excess work in fewer resources and uncoordinated management. At the same time, recruitment plays a crucial role in hiring talent quickly and satisfactorily. With limited recruiting professionals, startups can save sourcing time. There are three types of recruitment software that reduce time throughout the recruitment process:

  • Applicant Tracking System (ATS): It is a centralised portal that manages your job application process, including organising and posting job listings and tracking candidates.
  • Candidate Relationship Management (CRM): Recruiters can actively source candidates by creating talent pools. CRMs target potential candidates via analytics, multichannel and select messaging to attract them.

Use Cases of Recruiting Software in Startups:

Recruiting software platform makes the entire recruitment process simple, faster, and effective for recruiters. Different usage of recruitment software include, but are not limited to:

  • Automated job listings: Recruiters can post job listings to multiple websites and social media simultaneously through recruitment software.

  • Parsing profile: The contact details and email ids of the potential clients and candidates can be easily found. This also makes it easier to hit the weekly calling targets.

  • Candidate reachout: Recruiters can send email reachouts and follow ups using pre saved templates with just the click of a button.

  • Candidate filtering: Based on categories and filters on skills, experience, qualifications, and criteria provided to the candidate data, the software can provide a list of candidates eligible for the further recruitment process. 

  • Recruitment organisation: The recruitment process becomes well organised and traceable with the recruitment software. It breaks down the recruitment process into phases that can improve the management and tracking of the entire procedure. 

Prevalent Recruitment Software Platforms: 

Startups adopt modern technologies to reduce time in manual work and enhance their overall performance and productivity. Recruitment software solution companies are developing platforms specifically for the startup ecosystem and making their work easier. In the case of recruitment software platforms, some of the prevalent software platforms designed for startups and small businesses include Comeet, Lever, Workable, Longlist.io, underdog.io, recruitee, Applicant Pro, and Hireology.

Choosing the Right Recruitment Software for Your Startup:

You need to align your business needs while looking for suitable recruitment software for your company. The software solution should have a real-world application satisfying all recruitment process requirements. Moreover, the software should be simple, easy, flexible, scalable, and interoperable with your dynamic recruitment specifications and procedures.

Four things to remember while deciding which recruitment software company fits your needs:

  • Applicability of the Software in resolving recruitments issues 
  • Tasks and procedures that can be made simple, smooth, and streamlined with particular software
  • The integrity and interoperability of the software with existing tools in the company’s infrastructure
  • Return of Investment of the software with the business-related outcome

Longlist.io: The Best Recruiting Software for Startups: 

It enables recruiters to follow the good old way of recruitment with the next age chrome extension that helps them increase reach outs and engage better with candidates. It makes the recruitment process more straightforward with faster contact details finding, automated follow-ups, tracking in the pipeline, and managing ATS/CRM efficiently. Book a free trial now with Longlist.io to experience one of the best recruitment process assistance!

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