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How to extract emails from Linkedin from chrome extension?

You can now extract emails along with phone numbers via Google Chrome extension provided by Install the browser extension for your browser for e.g Google Chrome and navigate to any linkedin profile. Our LinkedIn email scraper allows you to mine precious data from the LinkedIn quickly.

Once you have installed the extension, it will automatically try to find the contact details for every profile you visit. Reachout or just save these contacts in your own personal database. With our gmail and outlook integration, you can also send emails in bulk as easy as you can export them to your CRMs. First 10 contacts are on us.

How does Linkedin email finder work?

No more wasting time searching for email address formats on google. Now you use our email finder extension to find contact data for your prospects while you are on Linkedin.

Just go to the profile of your prospect (which can be 2nd or 3rd degree). The extension will automatically find the verified contact details for the prospect in the background. Just click on the plugin and use the contact details. Also, we integrate with major CRM providers so if you want to push data you can do so with our automatic integration.

Its fairly simple to use, and will ensure that your top of the funnel is always working for you whether you are finding candidates for your jobs or doing business development.

How to find someone's email on linkedin?

Its simple - use the browser extension. This Linkedin plugin will automatically find the right email address so that you can reach out immediately.

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