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More than just a recruitment database, Longlist is a powerful all-in-one recruitment CRM/ATS loved by recruiters all over the world.

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Comparing Vincere vs Longlist

Both Longlist and Vincere are all-in-one recruitment CRMs. While Vincere has features like Chat and mobile apps, Longlist has more integrations and provides integrations with communication platforms like email, SMS and click-to-call out of the box.
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Recruitment CRM
Unlimited jobs
Recruiting Automation
Email Sequences
Gmail and Outlook integration
Calendar integration
Click to call
SMS integration

Why we think Longlist is a great Vincere alternative

Here are some of the reasons why recruitment agencies move to Longlist from Vincere:

  • No hidden pricing
  • Modern user interface, which gets things done
  • Activity tracking across email, SMS and calls in one place
  • Integrated email sequences that helps them generate more conversations
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