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17 mins reading time | Updated 02 February, 2023
Cold calling is one of the most conventional hiring methods in recruitment. Here are 7 sample scripts of cold calls that you can use today and get the candidate to say yes.
7 mins reading time | Updated 14 August, 2023
A small business should be contemplating its next hiring no matter where it is in the startup growth phase. Whether it has ten or a hundred employees, every potential employee it hires early on will have a significant impact on its workplace culture as well as the growth of its startup. If you are also an owner of a small business looking to ease and perfect your recruitment process, read on to know about recruitment software, its benefits, and why startups need recruiting software.
13 mins reading time | Updated 25 September, 2023
Comparing 22 popular and free browser extensions for recruiters.
22 mins reading time | Updated 13 September, 2023
In today's world, the globe is getting increasingly tech-savvy, and businesses are finding it increasingly necessary to automate every part of their operations. Similarly, manually analyzing and sourcing each candidate can be a time-consuming activity that limits a recruiter's productivity. Recruiting agencies are using recruiting software to improve their talent acquisition operations by becoming more efficient, so they don't get bogged down with a mountain of administrative responsibilities. It helps them to stay competitive in the competition. The article shows the best recruitment softwares that are used by recruitment agencies and offera free trial.
10 mins reading time | Updated 14 July, 2023
Recruitment is the most vital process upon which the success of the finance industry depends. The modern recruitment approaches work with recruiting softwares that have replaced the traditional recruitment practices of almost all industry types. In this competitive edge, it is significant for the hiring managers to perform the best and most robust recruitment processes to source potential talents for the organisation. With technological advancements, recruitment has become the most efficient and successful function of a company if the software is selected wisely. The article talks about how these technological advancements in the recruitment softwares can help the finance industry.
12 mins reading time | Updated 25 May, 2023
Recruitment agencies today are spoilt for choice with 100's of recruitment software available for almost every use case. Here's our handy guide to make sense of it all.
12 mins reading time | Updated 19 April, 2023
Automobile industries have embarked on new heights in the last few years. With this, the automotive market has grown rapidly as the demand for vehicle products increased. It created and boosted several employment opportunities and, thus, the recruitment sector for the automobile industry. Every industry needs to source talents and acquire them to fulfil the growing demands of people and execute innovation strategies according to the market and industry trends. Sourcing talents and managing them has become the most crucial part of this ever-growing industry. Let us take a look to understand how recruitment software is crucial in the automobile industry.
12 mins reading time | Updated 10 January, 2023
In recent years, the hiring process has evolved with the introduction of recruitment software and digital integration, which reduces costs in the recruitment process and finds skilled workers. The manufacturing industry has also started making use of this software for recruitment. The manufacturing industry is a major contributor to the global economy, making the government undertake profitable initiatives. It intends to fill its quota of skilled professionals as and when the demand rises.In this article, we will look at which recruitment software helps the manufacturing industry to source employees by streamlining and maximising recruitment efficiency.‍
12 mins reading time | Updated 14 September, 2023
Driven by technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), recruitment software solutions often come bundled with their candidate resource management (CRM) and applicant tracking systems (ATS) that automate the hiring process end-to-end. From advertising the vacancy on job boards and gathering candidate data and storing them in central repositories, to running analytics and bringing out valuable insights and re-engagement with applicants using automated email reachouts- a recruitment software can do it all. It even reduces labor costs and increases efficiency by automating a lot of tedious substeps. In this article, we’ll take a look at why recruitment software is pivotal for mid-sized staffing firms in the US.
10 mins reading time | Updated 10 January, 2023
Recruitment in its current form is a lengthy process. On average, UK companies take 27.5 working days to hire talent. To this end, improving quality of hire (52%), and improving time-to-hire (23%) remain among the top recruiting priorities worldwide. Agencies have started to rely on digital offerings like recruitment softwares to streamline their hiring process. In this article, we will look at some of the top players within the digital staffing industry and how large agencies in the UK benefit from them.
12 mins reading time | Updated 10 January, 2023
Boolean is a set of commands that can be used in almost every search engine, database, or online catalogue. The most popular Boolean commands are AND, OR and NOT. Read more to understand how to use them in your boolean search
9 mins reading time | Updated 11 January, 2023
All recruiters know that listing jobs can be a tedious process, even after spending days going back and forth with candidates. If you take too long to respond to a candidate (due to hours of going through emails), they might end up no longer being interested. If you are tired of trying to find the best place to list jobs? We have got you covered!‍ Here are some of the top job boards in the UK that will help you find the best candidates for your listing.
9 mins reading time | Updated 13 September, 2023
As of today, LinkedIn has 810 million users in more than 200 countries globally. Job boards like LinkedIn bring massive traffic to their platform. These job boards help recruiters to get the best-fit candidates for their job postings. Here is our list of best job boards available worldwide that employ effective measures for the targeted audience in the most exemplary way.
9 mins reading time | Updated 11 January, 2023
It is always a struggle for recruitment agencies to find the right candidates from a sea of people applying for jobs on multiple job boards. Anything that can make the hiring process easy is a welcome aid, and that’s where recruiting software can play magic for you. Job boards simplify the job search and hiring process by bringing recruiters and prospective employees all under one platform. Here are our top picks of job boards that are light on your wallet.
18 mins reading time | Updated 24 April, 2023
A crucial aspect of a recruiting process is resume parsing — a good parsing software makes the job easier and more efficient. Here are the five best parsing software Recruiters are often one of the busiest workers in the workforce, and manually parsing through hundreds of resumes could be cumbersome. However, that need not be the case in the 21st Century. Enters recruiting software that parses the resume. It can dramatically reduce the burden on recruiters to manually go-through resumes and make the process more practicable, efficient, and fast. This article will discuss the best parsing software in the market and what makes them worthwhile.
18 mins reading time | Updated 13 September, 2023
In the UK alone, 2000+ recruitment agencies register themselves each year. In fact, if you search ‘recruitment agencies near me’ from any city globally on Google, expect to find at least 50 options in a 10kms radius. However, only 10% of recruitment businesses scale beyond a 15 members team and continue on the growth trajectory. Like most services-oriented businesses, recruitment is easy to start but harder to scale. With huge dependency on people and stiff competition, recruitment businesses by and large remain small sized.
11 mins reading time | Updated 25 September, 2023
If you are determined to support your recruiters in the mid-long term, it’s time to get strategic about marketing. Strategic focus on marketing is important for recruitment agencies as it helps them to attract clients and candidates, build brand awareness, differentiate from competitors, and establish themselves as thought leaders in their industry. Learn more about new ways to market your agency.