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What is a Recruitment CRM?

Recruitment CRM is a software helps recruiters build better relationships with both candidates and clients. CRM stands for 'customer relationship management', and in the context of recruiting, it refers to advanced tools for managing candidate relationships, automation features for engagement and communication, integration with social media platforms, data privacy, and compliance, all contributing to a better hiring experience. By leveraging features like AI powered resume management, automated job postings, visual deal pipelines and more, recruitment CRMs give recruiters the tools to do more placements.


7 reasons you need a recruitment CRM for your business

Wondering what a recruitment CRM can do for your recruiting business? I asked our customers why they decided to purchase one. Here's what they said:

7 reasons you need a recruitment CRM for your business

How to choose a Recruitment CRM?


Choosing the right Recruitment CRM can seem to be a daunting task. Here's a small checklist of the top features you should look for:

  • Resume parser and candidate search: Automatically extract details from resumes and populate candidate records. Should have the ability to search using booleans and filters.
  • Career Site: To showcase your brand and attract top talent.
  • Activity Tracking: Capture notes, meetings, interview feedback
  • Email and calendar sync: Automatic 2-way email sync helps recruiters respond to candidate and clients without having to switch
  • Social Sourcing: Connect with job seekers on platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook.
  • Hiring Pipeline: Visualize the status of candidates from screening to hiring.
  • Recruiting KPIs: Track metrics like time-to-fill and offer acceptance rates.

Additionally the following features do help, but are not mandatory: 

  • Client Portal: Keep clients informed and involved in the hiring process.
  • Formatted Resume: Generate branded resumes to present to clients.
  • SMS/Phone: Communicate with candidates and clients seamlessly.
  • Recruitment Automation: Ability to automate manual tasks like email followups, send nurture emails and more

So.. how does Longlist Recruitment CRM work?

Glad you asked. There are couple of reasons why top recruitment agencies use Longlist to find more candidates and clients and generate more revenue.

Recruitment CRM and ATS brought together

No need for recruitment agencies to buy seperate software for tracking applicants vs tracking opportunities. Longlist bring all of it together in an easy to use interface.

AI Powered Resume Parser

No need to manually fill forms. Longlist comes with an inbuilt resume parser which extract employment histories, education details and more from the resume and makes them searchable

AI Powered Resume Parser

Powerful Candidate Search

With boolean search and 10+ filters, find the next ideal candidate faster

Powerful Candidate Search

Branded Career Pages for Recruitment Marketing

Give more context to applicants before they even apply, leading to better conversation rates

Branded Career Pages for Recruitment Marketing

Recruitment Automation

Dramatically increase response rates with automated followups

Recruitment Automation

Rated the Best CRM for Recruitment

Longlist Recruitment CRM powers recruitment and staffing businesses all over the world, helping them get more clients and retain them.


Higher Response Rate


More Hires


Client NPS


Reduction in Costs team has been a great support to us from the first day of the launch. They understood straight away what a newly formed recruitment business would need and helped me to set up my recruitment processes to create candidate and client leads
Brad Chapman
Brad Chapman
Managing Director, TechSearch360
Our business has gone up a lot, and there are two reasons for that. One – the database that we wereable to build in quick succession allowed us to promptly reach out to candidates and clients. Second, I feel more confident that we have all the new technology for recruitment at our disposal. I could say we have seen more than a 20% increase without any additional overhead.
Chris Byrne
Chris Byrne
Head of Delivery, Marsh RPF
As the founder of TalentSeeker, integrating Longlist has been transformative. It's not just about efficiency gains; it's about empowering our team to make smarter decisions and provide exceptional service to our clients and candidates.
Matthew Edge-Wilkins
Matthew Edge-Wilkins
MD, Talent Seeker
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