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What is a recruitment management system?

A Recruitment Management System is a powerful tool that helps organizations attract, interview and hire top talent. It's designed to streamline the hiring process. It's typically online and acts as a centralized platform that automates various recruitment related activities, from job posting to candidate onboarding. 

By integrating multiple recruitment functions into one cohesive system, an online recruitment management platform enhances efficiency, reduces manual tasks, and improves the overall candidate experience.

7 reasons you need a recruitment management system today

Wondering what a recruitment management system can do for your hiring process? We asked our clients about their top reasons for using our solution. Here’s what they had to say:

7 reasons you need a recruitment management system today

How to choose the right recruitment management tool?

Choosing the right recruitment management platform for your staffing firm is an important decision. With the right combination of essential features, you can kick-start your e-recruitment process. Here are 7 essential features of a recruitment management system:

  1. Job posting and distribution
  2. Resume parsing and screening
  3. Candidate tracking and database management
  4. Interview scheduling and management
  5. Communication and collaboration tools (email + calendar + calling)
  6. Analytics and reporting
  7. Compliance and data security

How does Longlist recruitment management system work?

Top recruiting teams are using our online recruiting management system to find and engage candidates, improve interview process and reduce their time to hire.

THE all-in-one recruiting management platform

Built to reduce the time to fill by automating the most manual tasks for recruiters

AI powered resume parsing

Enrich candidate records automatically with structured data extracted using AI. 

AI powered resume parsing

Powerful candidate search

With 10+ filters, find the ideal candidates for your faster and every time.

Powerful candidate search

Automated, personalized email followups

Intelligent automation workflows helping recruiters focus on the right things. See your response rates improve dramatically with email automation

Automated, personalized email followups

Insights when you need them

With real time reports and insights, quickly find the areas for improvement

Insights when you need them
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