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6 reasons you should be using executive search software

Wondering what executive recruiting software can do for your team? We asked our customers about their top reasons for using Longlist and here’s what they had to say:

6 reasons you should be using executive search software

Why should you use Longlist as your executive search software?

Let’s face it: in the recruitment world, nothing stands still for long. Candidate preferences shift and change, even throughout a single recruitment process. Your clients and their external market change, too, often without warning.

Longlist is here to help you keep up. Our executive recruiting software gives you complete visibility into every candidate, job and client in your pipeline. You’ll know exactly where to focus first in order to keep the hiring process moving in the right direction without doing manual data entry.

Additionally, our client portal ensures transparent communication with clients, storing client preferences and past interactions, and providing updates on recruitment progress.

Longlist also captures your team’s candidate-facing interactions across email, phone, and web conferencing. Our customizable reports then gives you all the insights to help you place more top talent.

In short, Longlist provides you all the executive search tools you need so that you build better relationships with executive candidates and grow your executive search business.

What features should executive search software have?

We asked 100 executive search firms what they consider important before buying executive recruiting software. Here are the top reasons:

  • Candidate sourcing
  • Easy to use automations, when you need it
  • Secure file and data storage
  • User friendly Interface
  • Customizability
  • Integration capabilities with other recruitment software
  • Ability to generate reports without the need to buy expensive add ons

So.. how does Longlist's executive search software work?

There’s a couple of reasons that top executive search firms choose Longlist to help with the executive search process. Our cloud based software ensures that everything is properly tracked, shows how candidates flow through the job pipeline, and how long it takes to do a placement (among many other valuable insights).

Your all-in-one executive search CRM

Our powerful workflows help headhunters get upto 4 hours back every week. That’s 1 extra month every year to build more relationships and close more deals. Streamline the recruiting process by automating tasks such as advertising job postings, onboarding candidates, and analyzing bulk resumes, thereby improving overall efficiency.

Recruiting Automation

Dramatically increase response rates and save time with automated followups. Engage passive candidates by customizing send times and delays between messages.

Branded Job Descriptions

Share web links to candidates with your branding and provide more context not available in client's job descriptions. Post on job boards with one-click.

Powerful Candidate Search

Find candidates faster with 10+ filters, booleans and radius search and streamline candidate sourcing.

AI Resume Parsing

Accurately and automatically enrich candidate records with projects descriptions and key details only available using native inbuilt resume parsing

Tasks & Daily Agenda

Set tasks for yourself and other team members. See whats pending today right on the homepage.

Shortcuts for quick actions

Use keyboards shortcuts to perform tasks quickly.

Build stronger relationships with all communication in one place

Activity Timeline

Impress candidates and clients with your thoughtfulness by always having the full context of interactions.

Email + calendar sync

Longlist integrates with your email and calendar so that you can receive and reply to emails from anywhere.

Click to call

Call candidates and clients directly from the record page. Receive calls on your own handset and get notifications when you miss a call.


Complement your email and calling workflows with SMS. Read and respond from record page or your email.

Real-time reporting, total flexibility

Drill down to the metrics that matter

Analyze live data any way you like and take data driven decisions, with no need of expensive add-ons

Analyze trends and set better targets

Loved by executive search firms

Headhunting firms all over the world are using Longlist to drive more revenue


Higher Response Rate


More Hires


Client NPS


Reduction in Costs team has been a great support to us from the first day of the launch. They understood straight away what a newly formed recruitment business would need and helped me to set up my recruitment processes to create candidate and client leads
Brad Chapman
Brad Chapman
Managing Director, TechSearch360
Our business has gone up a lot, and there are two reasons for that. One – the database that we wereable to build in quick succession allowed us to promptly reach out to candidates and clients. Second, I feel more confident that we have all the new technology for recruitment at our disposal. I could say we have seen more than a 20% increase without any additional overhead.
Chris Byrne
Chris Byrne
Head of Delivery, Marsh RPF
As the founder of TalentSeeker, integrating Longlist has been transformative. It's not just about efficiency gains; it's about empowering our team to make smarter decisions and provide exceptional service to our clients and candidates.
Matthew Edge-Wilkins
Matthew Edge-Wilkins
MD, Talent Seeker
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