What is Ability test?

By Abhishek Kathpal | Updated 14 April, 2022

Ability tests are part of assessment tools used by hiring managers and HR teams to identify the problem solving ability of an individual

What is Ability test

Ability test meaning and definition

Ability tests, also known as aptitude tests are standardised tests to assess an individual’s performance in different work related tasks or situations. The biggest value add is that instead of academic and theoretical knowledge, ability tests measure the possible potential of the individual. They are commonly used by companies to differentiate talent who perform well in work setting.

They are understood to be good predictors of job performance and are used alongside other psychometric tests. These tests together can provide a good understanding of how an individual will perform in the work environment when hired.

Benefits of Ability Tests in recruitment

Here are some of the benefits of using ability tests when recruiting for your jobs:

  • Standardized - Traditional cognitive tests are well standardized ensuring that there's less bias in hiring

  • Reliably scored - Most tests are multiple choice, sentence completion, short answer and require the assessees to define the scoring scheme. Due to this the results are directly comparable.

  • Candidate friendly - If designed well and by providing a good test environment, companies can ensure that candidates are more comfortable in answering.

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