Candidate Journey Mapping

Updated May 3, 20244 min read

What is Candidate Journey Mapping?

Keeping track of the milestones of potential employees during the recruitment process to have insights into their recruitment experience is paramount. And just like customers' experience during a transaction, potential employees also have their tale of experience with an organization during the recruitment process. And it is only through candidate journey mapping that recruiters can figure out what candidates' experiences have been and how to improve on them.

What is Candidate Journey Mapping

Candidate journey touchdowns

Several stages make up the employment process which include:

  1. Awareness: being informed of what the company does.

  2. Consideration: considering what the company has to offer.

  3. Interest: identify what makes the company unique amongst others.

  4. Application: the process of submitting an application and waiting on a call for an interview.

  5. Selection: hoping one has a lasting impression on the recruiter enough to be selected.

  6. Hire; being employed.

  7. Onboarding: understanding specific roles and activities.

Use of the candidates journey map

Quite a lot can be accomplished using candidate maps.

  1. To enhance the candidate experience first and foremost. One of the most important criteria in hiring the greatest people is candidate experience. Bad candidate experience can affect a company's brand.

  2. It gives a clear picture of how the hiring procedure operates and identifies areas where candidate experience could be enhanced.

  3. To help make recruitment processes more efficient and effective. It allows employers to identify bottlenecks within the process and get a good idea of which parts of the process aren’t going well.

Abhishek Kathpal

Abhishek Kathpal

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