What is Job Board?

By Abhishek Kathpal | Updated 20 July, 2022

Job boards are a favorite for job seekers and recruiters alike. They connect organizations and companies with millions of potential workers but are not the same as freelance marketplaces. The primary difference between the two is that job boards stop at connecting interested parties and do not go on to facilitate payments or collect commissions.

What is Job Board

Job Board meaning and definition

Job boards mean different things to employers and employees. To an employer (organization, company, or independent contractor), a job board is a website to advertise vacancies and openings. On the other hand, a job board is a search engine for available employment from the perspective of a potential employee. As such, most job boards charge companies to post their jobs but are free for workers to browse.

Types of job boards

Based on the specific types of employment adverts they offer, there are two types of job boards:

  1. General job boards are like general search engines, with various jobs spanning many niches and industries. Some of the most popular general boards employ features and algorithms to help users streamline their feeds for employment opportunities related to them. Examples of general job boards are Indeed and Glassdoor.

  2. Specialized (Niche) job boards: Niche boards deal in employment opportunities for a particular field or demographic. As a result, fewer jobs are posted, but you get a feed more attuned to your skills. Examples are Adzuna (for advertising jobs) and Career bank (for finance and banking jobs).

Do job boards work?

Job boards work, especially if you are skilled and have a solid resume. However, you can come across fake job listings. This is possible because the boards do not require proof of payment from job posters. So, despite the potential opportunities available on these boards, they can be a minefield of scams for the unsuspecting.

Which job boards are best?

Depending on what you’re searching for, any job board could be perfect for you. However, the larger the number of job posts, the likelier it is that you can find meaningful employment. Using this metric, the best job boards are:

  1. Indeed

  2. Glassdoor

  3. Monster

  4. SimplyHired

  5. CareerBuilder

  6. ZipRecruiter

Alternatively, you can opt for specialized job boards for your particular field.

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