What is Job Requisition?

By Abhishek Kathpal | Updated 28 July, 2022

As a company grows, there is a need for expansion, and the need to recruit more employees comes with that. Every standard organization goes through the job requisition process, which requires approval before recruitment can occur. Part of the job requisition process involves filling out the job requisition form.

What is Job Requisition

Job Requisition meaning and definition

Before creating a new position in an organization, there is a need to request it through the job requisition process formally. The recruitment process involves submitting the job requisition form, which will contain the reason for employing new staff, the role the person will serve, and the duration of the employment. Before filling the new positions, the manager or human resources department must sign off on the job requisition form.

What Does A Job Requisition Include?

There are standard things that everywhere job requisition form is expected to contain, and these include:

  1. The title of the job, which may change when filling the position

  2. The department's name

  3. Name of the hiring manager

  4. Aim of the role

  5. The reason for the job requisition

  6. Range of salary including signing bonus if there is any

  7. Date of resumption to role

  8. Duration to fill the position, either full-time or part-time

  9. Duration of executing the role either permanently or temporarily

  10. Type of contract either a contract worker or an employee

  11. Preferred qualifications for the role either certificates, working experience, or both

  12. Budget for the role

How to Write a Job Requisition Form?

Unless the job requisition form contains all the necessary information, including why the position needs to be filled, the hiring manager will not approve. Therefore, the job requisition form's content will influence the hiring manager's decision. Below are the three steps to follow when writing a job requisition:

  1. State the reasons to hire a new employee

  2. Ensure the signatures of executives and other employees appear on the job requisition

  3. Illustrate using metrics the benefits of recruiting new employees and how it will help the organization achieve its aim.

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