What is On the Spot Interview?

By Abhishek Kathpal | Updated 25 July, 2022

There’s something safe about scheduling an interview and having time to prepare for it. However, that’s not always the case when you submit your application in person. You could get an immediate on-the-spot interview. As scary as that sounds, it provides you an opportunity to impress on a personal level.

What is On the Spot Interview

On the Spot Interview meaning and definition

An on-the-spot interview is an unscheduled meeting with a potential employer that sometimes occurs when job seekers submit their résumé in person. It is also known as a walk-in interview. Similar occurrences could happen during an online application. In such cases, the recruiter or hiring manager requests an immediate call interview to screen a candidate.

How to ace an on-the-spot interview?

  1. Research the company/employer before going: don’t make the mistake of focusing on yourself too much. Research the job and company at which the application is directed. Having further information on their operation could show your readiness for the job.

  2. Dress professionally and arrive early: despite the proverbial warning not to judge books by their covers, it’s what people do. So, make your best first impression by arriving early and dressing well. Also, be polite to everyone you meet and maintain a positive demeanor. If the interview is online, secure a quiet private space before you connect. Request a few minutes to compose yourself if need be.

  3. Keep things concise and professional: keep your answers short throughout the interview and avoid unnecessary gesticulation. It would help to prepare for familiar interview questions like a summary about oneself, why you want the job, or what you think about the company. Also, don’t be afraid to take time to think before answering questions. It would save you from rambling and reduce the possibility of missteps.

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