What is Panel Interview?

By Abhishek Kathpal | Updated 28 July, 2022

One of the managerial choices an organization makes during the recruitment process is hiring. However, making the wrong hiring decisions can result in long-term problems with placing the proper individuals in the right roles, which would then cause inefficiencies and a lack of commitment. As a result, businesses implement extensive recruitment procedures to choose the best candidates for open positions. One of the main justifications for panel interviews' widespread use is the requirement for precise hiring decision prediction.

What is Panel Interview

Panel Interview meaning and definition

A panel interview is a discussion with two or more members of the selection committee. A panel interview involves speaking with multiple decision-makers at once and is intended to accomplish three things: reduce the interviewers' time, determine how well candidates handle pressure, and guarantee that the hiring choice is made collectively. Additionally, panel interviews differ from interviews with more than two participants in a group, such as group interviews. Typically, a panel interview consists of one candidate and two or more interviewers. Multiple job candidates and one or more interviewers make up group interviews, which reverse that method.

Panel interview process

Typically, a panel interview involves just one session with the candidate. As opposed to a situation when a candidate is subjected to numerous one-on-one interviews, this is different. Like all interviewing methods, the panel's objective is to recruit the candidate with the best qualifications using the information obtained from the interview and the panel's assessment. The panel may include other decision-makers, your potential employer, and a human resources person. The opportunity to ask questions about your past, credentials, and goals occurs to each panelist during the interview.

Benefits of a panel interview

a) Convenience

b) Cost-effective and efficient

c) Minimize the impact of hiring bias

d) Streamline the hiring process

e) Analyze relevant skills

Downsides of Panel Interview

a) Getting interviewed by a group of persons can be nerve-wracking and cause unsettling for a new interviewee.

b) Implementation is key to its success. Sometimes even hiring managers don't have access to the data they require to make informed, impartial decisions during a one-time interview.

Tips to succeed in a panel interview

a) Do your research and keep your interviewers in mind.

b) Be equally interactive with each interviewer.

c) Listen to questions asked with rapt attention.

d) Be ready to answer any more inquiries.

e) Ask some questions too.

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