What is Retained Recruiter?

There are jobs, job seekers/qualified personnel, and recruiters between the two. For most people, the hiring path is that simple but, in truth, there are two primary types of recruiters companies outsource the role to. Furthermore, your chances of landing a job depend on which of them you’re dealing with. One of the two is the retained recruiter.

What is Retained Recruiter

Advantages of using a retained recruiter

  1. Secrecy. The exclusiveness of using a retained recruiter lends certain secrecy to the headhunting process, as all discussions for the job opening are between the company and one individual/agency. As such, retained recruiters are mainly employed to fill senior positions within a company.

  2. Surety. When hired, they are required to complete the job hence the upfront fee. In most cases, the recruiter receives one-third of the payment when hired, another third when the list of candidates is submitted, and the final third when the company employs a candidate. Compared to other types of recruiters, there is the surety that the company would get a list of qualified candidates.

  3. Sustainability. Retained recruiters with a track record of quality hiring recommendations can be valuable partners in building a great team and excellent workplace culture. As such, a retained recruiter can represent a good guarantee for sustainable hiring practices.

Abhishek Kathpal

Abhishek Kathpal

Abhi is the co-founder of Longlist.io, enabling 50+ recruitment businesses build better client and candidate relationships.