Sponsored Job Posting

Updated April 23, 20244 min read

What is Sponsored Job Posting?

Paid listings that appear in pertinent search results are known as Sponsored Jobs. Sponsored Jobs assist in bringing more qualified candidates to your job opportunities than free* listings because of their long-term growth in visibility.

What is Sponsored Job Posting

How do Sponsored Jobs work?

The amount of costs associated with a candidate clicking on your position is determined by the daily or monthly budget amount you select.

An estimator tool next to the budget column gives you an idea of how many applications you can anticipate, which aids in helping you determine how much to spend.

This estimate is based on how tasks similar to yours have performed in the past and will only be displayed if there are sufficient data to do so. For the most part, more people will apply for your job if your budget is bigger.

Depending on the kind of work you're giving, where it's located, and how quickly you need to fill the position, you should determine the optimal daily budget.

Benefits of sponsoring a job

Your job will become more visible as a result of sponsorship. Unlike free listings, sponsored jobs do not gradually drop in search results. Over 3.5X more people are likely to be hired as a result of Sponsored Jobs' increased visibility over time.

When it comes to competing for top talent, sponsored job postings provide you a significant advantage if you're having trouble filling a position or need to hire quickly.

A further benefit of sponsored jobs is flexibility, which enables employers to alter spending plans or terminate together whenever they see fit.

Abhishek Kathpal

Abhishek Kathpal

Abhi is the co-founder of Longlist.io, enabling 50+ recruitment businesses build better client and candidate relationships.