Temp Recruiter

Updated April 23, 20244 min read

What is Temp Recruiter?

Recruiters are a vital cog in the job market. They connect candidates with companies that have openings and at no charge to the candidates. Better still, their work isn’t restricted to permanent employment alone. Some recruiters and agencies specialize in helping companies find temporary staff to fill a role. These are called temp recruiters or temp agencies.

What is Temp Recruiter

How do temp agencies/recruiters work?

Unlike conventional recruiters that swoop to help companies find suitable candidates for open positions, temp recruiters and agencies have candidates come to them. The temp agency then screens, interviews, and selects candidates considered appropriate. In turn, companies essentially approach the recruiter or agency to lease workers from their existing pool. In other words, companies enter into contracts with temp agencies to hire already waiting candidates, rather than the conventional recruiting arrangement where agencies headhunt candidates.

Do temp workers get unemployment benefits?

States and regions employ different laws in this regard. However, in many places, temp workers do not receive unemployment benefits while they are employed, except the pay from their current employment is less than the employment benefits they are entitled to. As for the period between jobs, the status of unemployment benefits would depend on the reason for unemployment, the duration of unemployment, and other factors. Again, job seekers should consult state laws to be on the safe side. However, one thing is sure; if a temp worker rejects or quits temporary employment without a valid reason, they lose eligibility for the benefits.

Are temp recruiters and agencies worth it?

It depends. On the one hand, they provide otherwise unemployed workers with a stream of income (for a while), experience, and the potential to land a permanent job if they impress enough. On the other hand, there is unlikely to be any job satisfaction, paid vacations, or other benefits of permanent employment attached to the jobs they secure.

Abhishek Kathpal

Abhishek Kathpal

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