What is Resume Parsing?

By Abhishek Kathpal | Updated 28 July, 2022

Going through a lot of candidates' resumes singularly can be overwhelming and quite tasking. As a result, many HR professionals employ CV and Resume Parsing software to automate data storage, import, and text analysis on CVs and resumes.

What is Resume Parsing

Resume Parsing meaning and definition

Resume parsing is the process of converting a free-form resume into a structured set of data appropriate for computer storage, reporting, and manipulation. To speed up the screening of resumes and applicants, recruiters employ resume parsers. Employers can electronically collect, store, and arrange massive amounts of resumes thanks to parsing technologies. The resume data may be readily looked for and examined once it has been gathered.

How does resume parsing work?

The first step in resume parsing is to manually or automatically submit all applications for a certain vacancy into the parsing program. Following the requirements of a recruiter, resume parsing software checks each application after it has been uploaded and extracts all pertinent data and applications. Relevant information often consists of particular job abilities, employment history, contact details, educational credentials, and professional certifications.

Resume parsing tools

The greatest resume parsing technology can match human accuracy at a rate of 95% while working tenfold faster than humans can process resumes, turning hours of effort into seconds. There are various types of resume parsing software available, however, the majority of businesses use the Applicant Tracking System (ATS).

Features of a resume parser

a) It decodes resumes in all common file types, such as PDF, DOC, DOCX, HTML, and RTF.

b) It is simple to incorporate with current applications.

c) It has a thorough collection of taxonomies that can be used to pinpoint a candidate's skills.

d) It extracts all of the resume's information from the most data fields possible.

e) It creates management or executive summary so that recruiters can assess a prospect after reading it.

Benefits of resume parsing

a) Effective time management

The resume parsing procedure eliminates the need for manual processing and analysis of each CV and job application that recruiters receive, saving them hours of work each day.

b) Accuracy

resume parsers are made to scan, examine, and extract data from documents that recruiters may find useful. It increases the effectiveness of recruiters and aids firms in getting rid of the labor-intensive, error-prone process.

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