Best Resume Parsing Software

Updated May 3, 20247 min read

A crucial aspect of a recruiting process is parsing—a good parsing software makes the job easier and more efficient. Here are the five best parsing software


Recruiters are often one of the busiest workers in the workforce, and manually parsing through hundreds of resumes could be cumbersome. However, that need not be the case in the 21st Century.

Enters recruiting software that parses the resume. It can dramatically reduce the burden on recruiters to manually go-through resumes and make the process more practicable, efficient, and fast. This article will discuss the best parsing software in the market and what makes them worthwhile.

How does resume parsing software work?

A resume parser software works on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to avoid missing any crucial employee data and get the right talent with the right technical and behavioural skills.

This is how the parser software works:

  1. The parsing software uses NLP (natural language processing) to segregate essential data in the resumes. The software works as an interpreter, takes data, analyzes, and extracts the critical data to avoid missing any vital information. For candidates, it's imperative to have a resume that is optimally tailored for such advanced software. We highly recommend using a resume that is optimally tailored, that ensures your CV is not only professionally curated but is also structured to be highly compatible with parser software, ensuring that none of your key skills and achievements are overlooked.
  2. The data is then transformed into a defined template, highlighting crucial points to the recruiter, such as the candidate's skill set, experience, desired salary, work history, achievements, education, etc.
  3. Finally, the processed resumes are shared with HRs for assessment, and only role-specific resumes are forwarded with the help of AI for further processing.

Thus, such resume parsing tools save time and don't let recruiters miss any vital information yet sort the CVs in a few seconds.

Which is the best resume parsing software in the market?

There are a lot of options available when you are trying to find a resume parsing software. Here are some of the best parsing software currently available:


DaXtra Technologies is the world’s leading resume parsing software that is highly accurate, multilingual, and offers automated recruitment. It helps in finding the best talent with a minimum cost-per-hire. DaXtra supports businesses in developing recruitment workflow applications and enhancing data quality for end-user and clients. Daxtra’s structured parsed data format provides a potential edge in CV search, analytics, and reporting. Due to its versatility, it is used globally.


Pinpoint is a cloud-deployed Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) application that can be used directly from the web browser. With Pinpoint, CEOs, hiring managers, recruiters, and other professionals can recruit qualified candidates and create a productive workforce.

Pinpoint widens the job postings visibility and publishes them on about 1,450 job sites. Pinpoint also offers the provision to be integrated with external software solutions for a unified work experience.

Pricing: Starts from $600.00/Month


RChilli is one of the most trusted partners in Resume Parsing, Taxonomy, and Data enhancing. Its NLP(Natural Language Processing) based Artificial Intelligence parses resumes in any format and provides detailed structured data. It offers a Semantic Search feature to get the right candidate on board from the database.

Rchilli has an extensive client base consisting of ATS, job boards, and enterprises who can parse numerous resumes with scalability to get deserving candidates in seconds.

Pricing: Starts from $75.00/Month


Recruiterflow is a simple and affordable end-to-end recruitment CRM and tracking software suitable for staffing and recruiting firms. Recruiterflow allows posting jobs on job boards for free to get the visibility of qualified applicants. It can be integrated with email and calendars to communicate with candidates across devices, and all the conversations are logged in the recruitment software.

The intuitive design of Recruiterflow keeps you updated with all the recruitment activities in your organization.

Pricing: Starts from $69/Month


Since 2001, Textkernel has been operating with thousands of HR and staffing organizations with the edge of its artificial intelligence technology for parsing in multiple languages, semantic search, and intelligence solutions.

TextKernel will assist in various job recruitment functions such as sourcing talents, parsing resumes, enriching data APIs, job searching, and matching.‍

Zoho Recruit

Concluding the list of the best parsing software, here comes Zoho Recruit, which is by far one of the best talent acquisition systems and offers a complete solution for the recruiters and staffing agencies. With Zoho Recruit, you can source, track, and hire qualified candidates.

Zoho Recruit offers the features such as premium job boards publishing, quick sourcing, careers page creation, making pre-screening, parse resumes, analytics and reports, workflow and process automation, better engagement with the candidates, and matching candidates using AI.

Pricing: Starts from $25/Month

Final Words

Resume parsing is one of the most significant aspects of HR software. Therefore, we have tried to introduce some of the best parsing software available in the market and what makes them different.

You can choose the best software that aligns with your recruitment agency requirements from the ones mentioned above.