Civil Engineer Job Description Template

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Civil Engineer Job Description Template


Job Brief

We are looking for an innovative Civil Engineer to design, develop and construct a huge range of projects of the physically and naturally built environment from conception through to completion. You will have a say in how the world looks like, work in a fast growing dynamic industry, contribute towards healthy economies and make a lasting positive impact to society.


  • Manage, design, develop, create and maintain small-scale through to large-scale construction projects in a safe, timely and sustainable manner
  • Conduct on site investigations and analyze data (maps, reports, tests, drawings and other)
  • Carry out technical and feasibility studies and draw up blueprints that satisfy technical specifications
  • Assess potential risks, materials and costs
  • Provide advice and resolve creatively any emerging problems/deficiencies
  • Oversee and mentor staff and liaise with a variety of stakeholders
  • Handle over the resulting structures and services for use
  • Monitor progress and compile reports in project status
  • Manage budget and purchase equipment/materials
  • Comply with guidelines and regulations including permits, safety etc and deliver technical files and other technical documentation as required


  • Proven working experience in civil engineering
  • Excellent knowledge of design and visualizations software such as AutoCAD,Civil 3D or similar
  • Proficiency in site layout, grading, utility design, erosion control, regulatory approvals etc
  • Project management and supervision skills
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills
  • License of professional engineer
  • BS/MA in Civil Engineering

What does Civil Engineer do?

A Civil Engineer typically performs a variety of tasks on a day to day basis. Some of their key responsibilities may include:

  1. Planning and designing: Engage in the planning and design of infrastructure projects such as buildings, roads, bridges, dams, airports, and water supply systems. This involves conducting feasibility studies, analyzing data, and using engineering software and tools.

  2. Site visits and inspections: Visit construction sites to inspect and monitor ongoing projects, ensuring they meet design specifications, codes, and regulations. They might also provide recommendations and solutions to any issues that may arise during construction.

  3. Project management: Oversee the progress of construction projects, manage budgets, schedule tasks, and coordinate with contractors, consultants, and stakeholders to ensure the timely completion of projects.

  4. Creating technical drawings and documentation: Prepare construction drawings, specifications, and other technical documents necessary for the implementation of projects. This includes using computer-aided design (CAD) software to create accurate and detailed plans.

  5. Evaluating materials and testing: Assess the quality of building materials and conduct various tests to determine their strength, durability, and suitability for construction purposes. This is vital for ensuring that the chosen materials meet the required standards and specifications.

  6. Conducting research: Stay updated with the latest engineering advancements, techniques, and regulations related to civil engineering. Research new materials and technologies and apply them to improve project designs and sustainability.

  7. Collaboration and communication: Collaborate with other professionals such as architects, urban planners, environmental scientists, and government officials to ensure that project goals align with the requirements and regulations. Effective communication skills are vital for coordinating with team members, clients, and other stakeholders.

Please note that the specific tasks may vary depending on the type of projects and the organization one is working for. Additionally, civil engineers may specialize in various sub-disciplines, such as structural engineering, transportation engineering, geotechnical engineering, or water resources engineering, which might affect their daily responsibilities.

Civil Engineer Job Description Examples

Civil Engineer• Vilbig and Associates

Company Description

Vilbig and Associates, PLLC (VA) is a professional services firm specializing in the design and delivery of consulting civil engineering, land planning, construction management and surveying services. We serve our clients in the north Texas area and surrounding states for both the public and private sectors. Our corporate office is located in Denison, Grayson County, Texas....

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Delta Solutions and Strategies is seeking a Civil Engineering Lead at HQ AFGSC. Headquarters Air Force Global Strike Command (HQ AFGSC), Directorate of Strategic Plans, Programs and Requirements (A5/8) Site Activation Task Force (SATAF) requires program integration office support located at various AFGSC bases, reporting to HQ AFGSC/A5F. This contract provides Advisory and Assistance (A&AS) to ...

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Civil Engineer I Or Ii - Engineering Development Review Services• Larimer County

We are seeking a hard-working individual to join our team as a Civil Engineer I or II on the Engineering Development Review Services team!

The Larimer County Engineering department offers engaging opportunities for professional development in the ever-evolving field of Civil Engineering. The engineering staff is responsible for development review, floodplains, stormwater, asset management, roa...

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Civil Engineer• Upwork

I am a General Contractor doing a home remodel. We need a civil engineer or surveyor to come and survey the jobsite to give us a letter indicating whether there are monuments on site or not. This is in San Diego, CA

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