Senior Ruby Developer Job Description Template

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Senior Ruby Developer Job Description Template


Job Brief

We are looking for a Senior Ruby Developer to join our IT team and help us build functional software and web-based applications.

Senior Ruby Developer responsibilities include creating back-end solutions, building efficient gems and integrating front-end components. If you’re interested in both getting your hands dirty with writing code from scratch and reviewing other people’s work, we’d like to meet you.

Ultimately, you will contribute in all phases of the software development life cycle, from design to deployment.


  • Write effective and scalable code in Ruby
  • Build back-end components for web applications
  • Test applications for performance, responsiveness and security
  • Review and debug junior developers’ code
  • Integrate data storage and data processing solutions
  • Build, install and share gems and plugins
  • Create automated test scripts
  • Improve and maintain applications after deployment
  • Coordinate with team members who work on different layers of infrastructure


  • Work experience as a Ruby Developer
  • In-depth understanding of object-oriented programming
  • Hands-on experience writing command-line apps using Ruby libraries
  • Expertise in Rails
  • Understanding of agile software development
  • Familiarity with automated testing platforms
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Team spirit
  • BSc in Engineering, Computer Science or relevant field

What does Senior Ruby Developer do?

A Senior Ruby Developer typically has the following day-to-day responsibilities:

  1. Coding and Development: They write, update, and maintain Ruby code for applications or software solutions. They may work on both front-end and back-end development tasks, depending on the project.

  2. Problem-solving and Troubleshooting: They identify and resolve technical issues or bugs in the application. This involves debugging, testing, and fixing code to ensure smooth functionality.

  3. Collaboration: They participate in team meetings, discussions, and code reviews with other developers, engineers, or stakeholders. They may also work closely with UI/UX designers and product managers.

  4. Involvement in Project Lifecycle: They are involved in the planning, design, and implementation phases of the development process. This includes providing input on architecture, technology choices, and features.

  5. Performance Optimization: They constantly analyze and optimize the codebase for better performance, scalability, and efficiency. This may involve profiling, benchmarking, and refactoring code.

  6. Documentation: They document their code and contribute to the overall technical documentation of the project, making it easier for others to understand and maintain the codebase.

  7. Staying Up-to-date: They keep up with the latest Ruby language updates, frameworks, libraries, and best practices in software development. This may involve reading blogs, attending conferences, or taking online courses.

  8. Mentoring and Code Reviews: They may mentor junior developers, providing guidance and support for their growth. They also participate in code reviews to ensure the code quality and adherence to coding standards.

  9. Collaboration Tools and Testing: They use collaborative tools such as Git or JIRA for version control and project management. They also conduct unit testing, integration testing, and automated testing to ensure the quality of the code.

Overall, a Senior Ruby Developer plays a crucial role in the development team, contributing to the successful delivery of projects by writing high-quality Ruby code, troubleshooting issues, and collaborating with the team effectively.

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