Best Talent Assessment Tools in 2023 Reviewed

Updated May 17, 202413 min read

What is a Talent Assessment Tool?

A Talent Assessment Tool is a software or system designed to evaluate the skills, behaviors, competencies, personality traits, and potential of candidates or employees. These tools are commonly used by businesses and HR departments to make informed decisions related to recruitment, hiring, talent development, and employee management. Talent assessment tools are valuable for identifying and selecting the right candidates for specific job roles, as well as for assessing and improving the performance of existing employees.


In today's dynamic and competitive business environment, identifying and nurturing top talent is more important than ever. The success of any organization depends on the quality of its workforce, so talent assessment is an integral part of the recruitment and talent management process. In order to streamline and enhance the talent assessment process, many organizations are turning to innovative solutions such as talent management software. These platforms offer advanced tools and analytics that can help identify, develop, and retain top talent effectively. In this fast-paced era, where traditional qualifications can only tell part of the story, the need to holistically assess candidates and employees has spawned a host of cutting-edge tools and software solutions designed to uncover  hidden talent gems.

The article takes readers on a journey into the world of candidate assessment tools, from assessing skills and behaviors to understanding the complexities of personality traits and cognitive abilities. These tools are not just about measuring technical skills or hard skills; they are a bridge to identifying the material characteristics that drive the success of an individual in an organization.  

What is the Importance of Talent Assessment Tools?

Let's say you are running an essay writing service and need to hire talented academic writers, these tools would not only help in making more accurate hiring decisions but also contribute to ongoing employee development and success in your company. Here are some of the ways in which they help:

Better Hiring Decisions: Talent assessment tools help organizations make more informed and objective hiring decisions. By evaluating candidates beyond their resumes and interviews, these tools identify the best fit for a role, reducing the risk of making costly hiring mistakes.

Alignment with Job Requirements: They ensure that individuals possess the necessary skills, competencies, and traits required for a specific role. This alignment increases the likelihood of job success and satisfaction for both the employee and the employer.

Improved Employee Development: Candidate testing softwares are not limited to recruitment; they also play a vital role in employee development. By identifying areas where employees can improve, organizations can tailor training and development programs to enhance skills, behaviors, and competencies.

Team Building: Assessments can help create well-rounded and diverse teams by considering both technical skills and personality traits. This can lead to improved teamwork, as teams with complementary strengths are often more effective.

Enhanced Productivity: A better match between employees and their roles leads to increased job satisfaction and engagement. Engaged employees tend to be more productive and committed to their work.

Reduction in Turnover: Identifying candidates and employees whose values and aspirations align with the company's mission and culture can lead to higher job satisfaction, lower turnover rates, and improved employee retention.

Objective and Consistent Evaluation: Talent assessment tools provide a standardized and objective means of evaluating candidates and employees. This reduces bias in the assessment process and ensures that everyone is evaluated fairly based on the same criteria.

Scalability: In a digital age, talent assessment tools can be easily scaled to handle a high volume of candidates or employees, making them especially useful for large organizations or those experiencing rapid growth.

In summary, talent assessment tools are essential in today's competitive job market and dynamic work environments. 

Kinds of Talent Assessment Software

Talent assessment software comes in a variety of forms, each tailored to address specific aspects of the hiring and talent management process. These tools are designed to cater to the diverse needs of businesses and industries. Here are some common types of skill assessment software:

Personality Assessment Software:

These tools assess candidates' personality traits, helping organizations determine whether individuals possess the behavioral characteristics required for specific roles.

Integrity Assessment Software:

Integrity tests, a subset of personality tests, are primarily used to assess an individual's honesty and trustworthiness. They are often implemented in industries where employees have unsupervised access to valuable assets, such as retail or financial services.

Aptitude Assessment Software:

Aptitude tests measure cognitive abilities, problem-solving skills, critical thinking, attention to detail, and the capacity to process and analyze new information. These assessments help predict how candidates will perform in specific roles.

Skills Assessment Software:

Skills tests evaluate candidates' proficiency in various areas, including mathematics, verbal communication, and industry-specific competencies. These tests help employers gauge the technical expertise of candidates.

Soft Skills Assessment Software:

Soft skills assessments measure qualities like communication skills, adaptability, work ethic, problem-solving abilities, and motivation. These tests help identify candidates who possess the interpersonal and problem-solving skills necessary for success in the workplace.


In the diverse landscape of talent assessment platform, these specialized tools serve to not only streamline the hiring process but also ensure that individuals selected for specific roles possess the traits and competencies crucial for their success. By employing the right kind of talent assessment software, businesses can optimize their hiring decisions and foster a more productive and harmonious work environment.

Key Features of Pre-Employment Testing Software

Pre-employment testing software is a valuable resource for HR managers and recruiters, streamlining the candidate assessment process and helping employers make more informed hiring decisions. The software is equipped with a range of features designed to enhance efficiency and accuracy throughout the hiring process. Here are some key functionalities commonly found in pre-employment testing software:

Prebuilt Test Templates and Skills Challenges:

Pre-employment testing software typically provides a library of prebuilt test templates and skills challenges that are tailored to assess specific competencies or job-related skills.

Customized Tests:

In addition to prebuilt templates, some pre-employment testing solutions offer the flexibility to create customized tests and skills challenges tailored to the unique requirements of a particular role or industry.


Pre-employment testing solutions may integrate with other HR and recruitment tools, such as Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), email providers for automated communication, background screening services, and more.

Built-in ATS (Applicant Tracking System):

Some pre-employment testing solutions incorporate ATS features, allowing organizations to manage and track candidate pipelines within a single platform.



Pre-employment testing software often includes analytical tools, such as dashboards, performance statistics, and customized reports, to help employers assess candidate performance and the effectiveness of skills tests.

Comparative Reports:

Comparative reports allow organizations to assess and compare candidate performance, aiding in the selection process.

Advanced Filtration and Search:

Advanced filtration and search functionalities assist HR professionals in efficiently managing candidate data. Recruiters can use these features to quickly identify candidates who meet specific criteria, ensuring a more focused and streamlined selection process.

Shareable Reports:

Shareable reports allow HR teams to collaborate and share candidate assessments and test results with relevant stakeholders.

Incorporating these features, pre-employment testing software serves as a comprehensive solution for assessing and selecting the right candidates while streamlining the administrative aspects of the recruitment process. By leveraging these functionalities, HR departments and recruiters can make data-driven, efficient, and objective hiring decisions.

Additional Criteria:

In addition to the fundamental features I mentioned earlier, I've come across pre-employment testing software that offers advanced functionalities, enriching the hiring process. Here are some of the additional criteria that I find important:

Expert Guidance:

I've found that some pre-employment testing solutions provide access to dedicated experts. These experts assist HR professionals and hiring managers in crafting tailored job assessment workflows that align precisely with the company's unique requirements or specific job roles.


Certain pre-employment testing solutions go the extra mile by offering simulations. These simulations cover a range of scenarios, like MS Office tasks, chat interfaces, or multitasking challenges. They allow candidates to showcase their software skills without needing to download specific programs, enhancing the assessment process.

Cheating Prevention:

Maintaining the integrity of assessments is paramount, and I've noticed that some pre-employment testing solutions tackle this by incorporating cheating prevention mechanisms. This includes features like webcam-based proctoring and behavior detection technology to ensure that assessments are conducted fairly and transparently.


The availability of expert guidance, simulations, and cheating prevention features has a significant impact on tailoring assessments, enhancing security, and ensuring an effective pre-employment testing process. These advanced capabilities allow HR professionals and organizations to customize assessments to their unique needs, ensuring the accurate evaluation of candidates' skills and upholding the hiring process's integrity.

You can look for a lot of free online assessment tools for recruitment.

Here is a list of 5 best Talent Assessment Tools that I personally would suggest to someone:

1. The Predictive Index: optimize hiring, team dynamics, and leadership development


The Predictive Index (PI) operates on a fundamental belief: that at the core of every business problem lies a people problem. They advocate for the use of people data to guide every aspect of an employee's journey within an organization, from the initial interview to significant career advancements, and extend this philosophy to shape the broader business strategy. They refer to this holistic approach as "talent optimization."

I had the opportunity to work with The Predictive Index, and I must say it has been a game-changer for our organization. As someone responsible for the HR and talent management functions, PI's approach to talent optimization has brought a fresh perspective to our hiring and team management processes.

The standout feature for us has been PI Hire. The prebuilt test templates and skills challenges have significantly expedited our candidate assessment process. We're able to quickly identify candidates with the skills we need for each position. The personalized interview guides have made our interviews more structured and objective, ensuring we make more informed hiring decisions.


  • Free trial available for PI hire

G2 Rating (out of 10):  455 reviews

  • 9.2 on Ease of use, 
  • 9.4 on quality of support, 
  • 9.2 on ease of setup

Capterra rating (out of 5): 4 reviews

  • 3.8 on Ease of use
  • 5.0 on quality of support
  • 3.5 on Value for Money

2. TestGorilla: Uniting AI-powered assessments with a library of over 100 ready-to-use tests to simplify and enhance your hiring process


In the realm of talent acquisition and recruitment, the pursuit of identifying the most qualified candidates is a common goal for businesses and organizations. In this quest for excellence, TestGorilla emerges as a powerful ally, offering a comprehensive array of tools designed to evaluate the skills and aptitudes of job applicants, ultimately enabling quicker and more informed hiring decisions.

With a diverse library of skills tests boasting exceptional predictive value, TestGorilla empowers recruiters and HR professionals to discern top candidates more effectively. Their expansive test library covers a wide spectrum of skills, including cognitive abilities, programming proficiencies, software aptitudes, personality traits, language capabilities, and much more.

What I particularly appreciate is the diverse range of skills covered. From cognitive abilities to software skills and even personality traits, TestGorilla offers a comprehensive selection of tests that align perfectly with our hiring needs. This level of specificity has enabled us to create tailored assessments for different roles within our organization.

The flexibility of using multiple question types has been a huge advantage. It has allowed us to get creative in our assessments, from conducting one-way video interviews to evaluating portfolios. This adaptability has made our recruitment process more dynamic and engaging for both candidates and our hiring team.


  • 10 free test for free.
  • Starter pack - (unlimited assessment, custom upload questions, custom essays): $400 per month
  • Pro - (custom video questions, ATS, custom company tests): $555 per month

G2 Rating (out of 10):  981 reviews

  • 9.2 on Ease of use, 
  • 8.9 on quality of support, 
  • 9.2 on ease of setup

Capterra rating (out of 5):  231 reviews

  • 4.5 on Ease of use
  • 4 on quality of support
  • 4 on Value for Money

3. Indeed Hiring Platform:  from job posting to candidate assessment and communication, all-in-one solution


Indeed is not just a job site; it's a global platform that transforms job hunting and recruitment. As the world's number one job site, Indeed excels in matching job seekers with millions of opportunities across more than 60 countries and in 28 different languages.

With over 3 million employers relying on Indeed to find the perfect fit for their organizations, it has established itself as a trusted resource for the global labor market. The numbers speak for themselves, with a staggering 300 million unique monthly visitors who use Indeed to search for jobs, post resumes, and research companies, among other services.

One of the standout features of Indeed is its sheer reach. It's not just a job site; it's a global network that connects job seekers to millions of opportunities worldwide. The platform's extensive coverage in more than 60 countries and 28 languages has enabled us to tap into a truly diverse and international talent pool.

What sets Indeed apart is its exceptional matching algorithm. It consistently provides us with a stream of highly relevant and qualified candidates. This not only saves us time but also ensures that we connect with candidates who are genuinely interested in our job openings.

G2 Rating (out of 10):  529 reviews

  • 9.0 on Ease of use, 
  • 8.4 on quality of support, 
  • 8.7 on ease of setup

Capterra rating (out of 5):  7214 reviews

  • 4.6 on Ease of use
  • 4.3 on quality of support
  • 4.4 on Value for Money

4. Glider AI: AI-driven analysis to identify top talent and streamline the hiring process


Glider AI Skill Intelligence Platform™ has been nothing short of a revelation for our organization. As someone deeply involved in the hiring and talent management aspects, I've seen firsthand how this platform has revolutionized our approach to recruiting and selecting top-notch talent.

What stands out right from the start is Glider AI's comprehensive suite of hiring solutions. From skill tests that pinpoint candidates' capabilities to video interviews that provide a rich insight into their suitability, the platform covers it all. The one-way interviews and Conversational Screening Chatbots add an extra layer of versatility to our hiring process, making it not just efficient but also more engaging for both candidates and our HR team.

The recognition as the most innovative HR technology in 2021 is well-deserved. Glider AI has certainly lived up to its reputation, and it's not just a tool but a strategic partner in our talent acquisition efforts.

One of the most impressive aspects is the platform's ability to handle high-volume recruitment seamlessly. We've managed to scale up our hiring operations while maintaining confidence in the quality of candidates. The fact that over 50% of the world's top IT suppliers and global enterprises rely on Glider AI underscores its reliability and impact.

Global brands such as Intuit, PwC, Amazon, Capital One, and FINRA placing their trust in Glider AI says a lot about its efficacy. We've seen a remarkable 3x increase in our placement rate, a 50% reduction in time-to-fill, and candidate satisfaction rates that have soared to 98%.


  • Not available publicly, contact sales person for more info

G2 Rating (out of 10):  265 reviews

  • 9.8 on Ease of use, 
  • 9.7 on quality of support, 
  • 9.5 on ease of setup

Capterra rating (out of 5):  21 reviews

  • 4.2 on Ease of use
  • 4.3 on quality of support
  • 3.8 on Value for Money

5. Equip: has diverse array of ready-to-use test formats to identify top candidates swiftly


Equip offers a game-changing advantage to recruiters and hiring teams. In a landscape where 97% of professionals are grappling with the overwhelming challenge of sifting through countless resumes and conducting endless rounds of interviews, Equip stands out as the beacon of efficiency and innovation.

This cutting-edge platform empowers hiring teams with a range of superpowers that streamline the hiring process, enabling them to zero in on the top 3% of the candidate pool, the cream of the crop, with unparalleled precision. By leveraging ready-to-use AI-proctored assessments and consolidating candidate statuses in one intuitive dashboard, Equip redefines the way organizations approach recruitment.

It allows recruiters to skillfully evaluate candidates across diverse technical and non-technical roles, including Engineering, Data Science, Operations, Marketing, Sales, Customer Success, and more. The platform's ability to generate assessments in under two minutes by tapping into an extensive Question Bank for the most sought-after skills eliminates the arduous task of content creation.

It has AI-powered Proctored features, underpinned by AutoProctor technology, Equip ensures the eradication of cheating concerns, be it through ChatGPT or plagiarism, by meticulously capturing all test violations.

It also offers comprehensive and reliable pre-hiring tests that assess multiple skills within a single assessment, saving valuable time for hiring teams.

The platform provides a versatile array of test formats, including Aptitude, Coding, English Language, Comprehension, SQL, CSS, Excel, Audio, and Interactive video tests, giving hiring teams the flexibility to tailor assessments to their unique needs.


  •   ₹82 per candidate

G2 Rating (out of 10):  333 reviews

  • 9.6 on Ease of use, 
  • 9.7 on quality of support, 
  • 9.3 on ease of setup

Capterra rating (out of 5): 7 reviews

  • 3.7 on Ease of use
  • 4.5 on quality of support
  • 3.9 on Value for Money


In the fast-paced world of talent acquisition, the use of the best assessment tools is not just an advantage; it's a necessity. These tools, with their unique features and cutting-edge technology, provide a strategic edge to recruiters, helping them identify and select the most promising candidates efficiently. In a competitive job market, the ability to pinpoint top talent swiftly can be the key to building high-performing teams