Best job boards in the UK in 2023

By Abhishek Kathpal | Updated 11 January, 2023 | 9 mins reading time

All recruiters know that listing jobs can be a tedious process, even after spending days going back and forth with candidates. If you take too long to respond to a candidate (due to hours of going through emails), they might end up no longer being interested. If you are tired of trying to find the best place to list jobs? We have got you covered!

Here are some of the top job boards in the UK that will help you find the best candidates for your listing. 

  • Indeed
  • Total Jobs
  • Reed
  • LinkedIn
  • Monster


One of the best job boards at your disposal worldwide and specifically in the UK is Indeed!

As of 2019, 63% of all job seekers use Indeed and it single-handedly represents over 15% market share among all job boards. So, there is a high likelihood that the candidate you are looking for would be on this platform. To create a listing on the platform all you need to do is to click on Employer/post job, add job title and description, and a couple of questions for prospective candidates. You can create both free and paid job listings on Indeed. Paid job listings receive better viewership because the platform charges recruiters for every click that the job receives. You can set a daily budget for paid listings on the platform. Let’s say you set a budget for £10, the platform will multiply this with the average number of days in a month (30.5) and ensure that you won’t spend more than £305 a month.


Founded in 1999, TotalJobs is another extremely popular job board in the UK. It is one of the most utilized job boards in the country and has nearly 6 million active monthly users. Unlike Indeed, TotalJobs does not have free listings, recruiters need to pay £149.00 plus value-added tax (VAT) per post. If you list multiple jobs on the platform you need to pay at least £290 plus VAT. New users are charged £74 plus VAT per post and £135 plus VAT per month for job advertisements and candidate searches respectively. To create a listing on the platform all you need to do is register as a recruiter, add your company’s details and click on “advertise a job” where you need to add details of the job. 

TotalJobs network consists of platforms including Totaljobs, Jobsite, CareerStructure, City Jobs, eMedCareers, Just Engineers, and RetailChoice.


Reed currently holds the largest web traffic share among all of the UK’s recruitment boards. Reed is a paid platform where you can list jobs on the platform under different categories--the premium job adverts £150+VAT to keep a job listing up for six weeks during which you will receive applications right in your inbox. Premium+job is an add-on to the premium job adverts. This would send your job listing to 100 candidates that best match the requirements of the listing. You can also pay £100 a month to post as many jobs as you want. The first listing on the platform costs £89+VAT. 


With a 5 million user base in the UK, Monster is another great platform to list jobs on. Employers can get a four day free trial for a listing after which they can pick one of the three subscription plans Starter for 1 job post plus 50 resume views for $279 per month, Standard for 3 job posts plus 150 resume views for $399 per month and Premium for 5 job posts per 250 resume views. The platform has advanced candidate matching features and provides increased social media visibility. 


If your goals are to more actively connect with experienced professionals, LinkedIn is the place for you. With LinkedIn, you can form social connections and get insight into prospective candidates. You can find information about a candidate’s work without even creating a job listing or being flooded with resumes which can help you actively reach out and connect with those who you think might be the right fit for the role. If you do want to list a job on the platform, it costs $495 for a 30-day listing. You can also list jobs for free or via a pay-per-click plan, which will help you show up as a recommended job for the right candidate.

Besides listing jobs on job boards one of the ways of setting yourself apart from other recruiters is by using recruitment software. Around 68% of recruiters think that the best way to improve recruiting performance is by investing in recruitment technology. Recruiting software helps you streamline the process of finding candidates and saves time. 

One of the top recruiting software at your disposal includes, which integrates seamlessly with all the job boards making the hiring process easier for recruiters. cuts down the paperwork of recruiting by giving you accurate candidate information such as their contact details and sends out emails on your behalf to prospective employees who fit the fill for your listing. You can also use software to discover talent based on the job role they currently hold, their years of work experience, etc., among other details. is a chrome extension that allows you to get accurate information about candidates. It also sends out automated follow-up emails as well as tracks email activity. software has demos or free trials before you have to commit to some kind of payment plan. 

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