Free Job Boards in 2023

By Abhishek Kathpal | Updated 11 January, 2023 | 9 mins reading time

It is always a struggle for recruitment agencies to find the right candidates from a sea of people applying for jobs on multiple job boards.  Anything that can make the hiring process easy is a welcome aid, and that’s where recruiting software can play magic for you. Job boards simplify the job search and hiring process by bringing recruiters and prospective employees all under one platform.  

Here are our top picks of job boards that are light on your wallet.

  • Indeed
  • Glassdoor
  • LinkedIn
  • Ladders
  • Simplyhired
  • Google for jobs


Indeed is the highest traffic job board in the U.S and is a top choice for recruitment agencies who are looking for a free platform to list job openings on. The website has over 250 million monthly users which give you a large pool of prospective employees to choose from. All you need to do to list jobs on the platform is to go to their employer’s page and click on the “post job” button. Recruiters can spare a small amount of money to boost applications for their listing by putting up pay-per-click advertisements on the website. The costs for these pay-per-click advertisements can range from $5-$499 a day. The platform tends to create company pages when pulling ads from various job boards, so make sure you check whether there is one for your company. You can claim that page and then use it to list jobs to add more authenticity to your listing. 


Glassdoor boasts over 1.9 million employers as well as about 100 million company reviews. These reviews contain detailed information about what the salary is like for a particular role, the kind of benefits a company provides, and the work culture you can expect there. The platform lets you post your first job without creating an employer account but creating one can help you respond to reviews on your company’s page and streamline your listing process. While you list jobs using the free account, Glassdoor also has a premium account plan which allows you to enhance your company’s branding and show up your page at the top of search results. The average cost for Glassdoor premium is $17k a year.


LinkedIn is the website for anyone interested in making workplace connections. With over 800 million active users, LinkedIn is a professional social networking site where recruiters can find out everything they need to know about future hires, from work experience to current employment status. Users actively update highlights of their work on LinkedIn as well, so you can get a glimpse of what a prospective employee is best at. Overall, the key strength of this platform is that it facilitates direct communication between recruiters and prospective employees. While the platform offers free listings, those are solely visible to active candidates. The premium job slots make sure that your listing gets recommended to job seekers. The maximum job post cost per day is 1.3 times the daily pay-per-click budget you set. Let’s say you set a budget of $100, the maximum you would end up spending per day on a listing would be $130.

While social media channels are the free tools for recruiters to use for networking but they rarely solve the immediate candidate search results. Linkedin would remain the only channel where your candidate funnel would be more predictable.


If you are looking for a candidate with highly coveted skills like knowledge of data science, finance, and software engineering among others, then Ladders is the place for you. The platform advertises itself as a site where you can get jobs that pay $100k a year so naturally, you would find serious candidates who have the skills it takes to apply for your listing. It allows you to list 20 free job listings and unlimited free resume searches. Ladders have four pricing plans a basic plan (10 listings) which is free, a lite plan (50 listings) for $159 per month, a full access plan (unlimited job listings) for $499 per month, and an enterprise plan (for unlimited posts) which you would have to get a quote for. 


If you are a recruitment agency that is tired of listing the same job again and again, then you need to check out Simplyhired. Simplyhired collects job listings from all across the internet. If you post your listing directly on SimplyHired, the listing will then be dispersed across hundreds of job boards. It is a publishing partner of Indeed, and while it is free to list a job on the platform, you would have to pay at least $4.99 to get a candidate’s contact information. The price varies depending on the job title, the industry sector the job falls under, and the market competitiveness for recruits in a particular role. 

Google For Jobs

What do you do every time you don’t know something? You Google it. So of course, it is a smart choice to have your listing show up on Google. Google scours through job listings all across other job boards and gives job seekers a curated list of jobs. Google for jobs is free and jobs listed on any job board show up here. 

While all of the job boards on this list are trying to make the candidate-recruiter relationship more active, the easiest way to accomplish this is through recruitment software.

Recruiting software can be used to reach passive candidates who might be interested in the opening but might end up missing your advertisements or listings. is a recruitment software that provides you with accurate email addresses and phone numbers and quick communication options for future hires. They help you find the right candidates and also find out exactly how to contact them. works on the global best job platforms like LinkedIn, Indeed, Simplyhired, etc. to help you source information and connect your potential candidates with ease. offers demos and trials so you don’t have to make a financial commitment until you take them for a spin and see whether they fit your needs.