Best Free Recruiting Software in 2024

Updated May 3, 20249 min read

In today's world, the globe is getting increasingly tech-savvy, and businesses are finding it increasingly necessary to automate every part of their operations. Similarly, manually analyzing and sourcing each candidate can be a time-consuming activity that limits a recruiter's productivity.

Recruiting agencies are using recruiting software to improve their talent acquisition operations by becoming more efficient, so they don't get bogged down with a mountain of administrative responsibilities. It helps them to stay competitive in the competition.

What is a Free Recruiting Software?

Recruitment software is used by recruiting agencies, recruiters, marketers, and recruitment specialists and provides several recruiting duties such as organizing and controlling the hiring process workflow, etc. It automates tasks such fetching the contact details, integrating with CRM/ATSA, and maintaining open lines of communication, among many other benefits.

What features are important in a Free Recruiting Software?

1. Integration with your current ATS/CRM

Most recruitment agencies today have ATS Recruitment software can integrate with ATSs and helps in simplifying and regulating your recruiting process so that recruiters can make better candidate selections. The software you select should seamlessly integrate with CRM and automates the communication process, where you don’t have to update the two systems.

(Side Note) What are mini CRMs? A lot of recruiting softwares today have the ability to act as a mini CRM too, with ability to store contacts and create projects. A small recruiting agency with less than ten employees can actually start using mini CRMs like Longlist to track candidates and jobs and migrate to a more feature equipped software like Bullhorn in the future when the team size grows.

2. User friendliness

Using a recruitment solution should not require costly training or technical skills. The current generation of recruitment software is more transparent, user-friendly, and visually appealing. The user interface includes capabilities such as computerized administrative tasks and unrestricted adjustments. It should also be affordable and adequately priced to match the needs of your organization.

3. Cost effectiveness in the long run

Previews and free trials allow you to see for yourself the software's functions, attributes, and maximum capabilities to determine if it is the correct fit for your objectives. However you should still see how the cost of recruiting software is going to increase in the long run when you add more team members. You should also check whether the features which are the most valuable are available at what cost.‍

Top Recruiting Software Offering a Free Trial

1. Lusha


Lusha makes the hiring process easier by providing a larger pool of competent individuals. With their Bullhorn connection, you can shorten the time it takes to employ by enrolling each applicant in the appropriate monitoring stage. With greater insights, you can save energy and cost. Customize each message and phone call to boost the number of people who connect with you and employ you. Lusha also provides a free trial and demo.

2. Zoominfo


ZoomInfo's proactive information and technology harness the potential of various market initiatives by allowing you to deliver the correct information to the appropriate candidate at the ideal time. It also reduces the cycle of sales and streamlines prospecting research. Free trial and Demos are available.

3. Signalhire


SignalHire began as a sourcing tool for recruiters seeking candidates and professionals. It has since expanded into a cutting-edge procurement platform. It uses predictive sourcing technologies to gather information on professionals who are most likely to change employment in the near future. Demos and Free trials are available.

4. ContactOut


Integrates easily with LinkedIn, is quick and accurate, and is simple to use. If you're a recruiter looking for possible candidate contacts from LinkedIn, it will offer you the relevant contact email or phone number, or both. It is affordable, plus there are also free options.

You will not have to worry about renewing two systems because they integrate with your existing CRM software. They are also highly valued by their customers due to their timely response to their recommendations and issues. Free Trials and Demos are readily available. You can visit the longlist website to avail the 15-day free trial that lets you experience all its features and potential.