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Best Job Boards in 2023

As of today, LinkedIn has 810 million users in more than 200 countries globally. Job boards like LinkedIn bring massive traffic to their platform. These job boards help recruiters to get the best-fit candidates for their job postings.

Here is our list of best job boards available worldwide that employ effective measures for the targeted audience in the most exemplary way.

  • Indeed
  • Monster
  • Glassdoor
  • Google for jobs
  • Ladders
  • Scouted
  • Angel List
  • Adzuna


Indeed is the most popular external hiring source, with six times the number of hires as any other employment. Indeed is a free job posting site where you may advertise your job openings. Indeed allows you to send and receive messages from recruiters and employers access to more than 120 million users. Indeed also offers insights into salaries and companies. It allows running pay-per-click ads for the job posting. The costs for these pay-per-click advertisements can range from $5-$499 a day. The sponsored services will make your job posting prominent and at the top of search results.


Monster is a global online job search engine that is utilised by job seekers and businesses in over 40 countries. Monster has traffic of 35 million unique visitors every month.

Monster's free service offers employers the ability to create, edit, and post their jobs. Among other options, Monster’s paid tools include a searchable resume database and a Target Slot program that include yearly subscriptions to post as many job openings as needed. Monster solutions work to find the best-fit candidate for small to mid-sized businesses with its targeted job posting and attention-grabbing branding. It enables recruiters to find the best candidates with AI to Custom RPO Solutions. Monster’s recruitment strategy helps recruiters to maintain the pipeline of qualified candidates

The pricing is $375 for 30 days or $399 for 60 days for a single job, with the cost per job decreasing on a sliding basis to $135 for 100 to 249 posts.


As of today, it hosts 1.9 million employers and many more company reviews and reviews, and millions of job listings.

Employers can take advantage of a seven-day free employment trial offered by Glassdoor.

Glassdoor allows visitors to post reviews and ratings on employers, which makes it unique amongst the other job boards. Glassdoor offers Standard and Premium job boards for $199 to $699 a month, with a sliding scale and volume-based reduction in the cost of each job post.

The Glassdoor Employer Center displays deep and beneficial statistics for each country, such as the number of reviews, the number of visits, and ratings for Glassdoor's various categories.

Google for Jobs

Google is now able to bring up a list of matched positions near you, based on a title search, and undertakes advanced research, thanks to the convenience of using google and generative AI service technology. Data is crucial for a recruitment agency, and Google is revolutionising the hiring process. Furthermore, it helps in finding jobs at locations near to you and opportunities at your convenience. One can post jobs for free. Google offers data and better insights about candidates.


Ladders is a website that focuses on connecting job searchers to high-paying prospects and provides the best opportunities to experienced managers and related work fields. It is a job board, a career newsroom, and a networking tool all packaged into one. The ladder is a job posting site for executive and corporate recruiters seeking $100k+ talent in the USA and Canada.

One can post as many jobs as they like for free but will be able to have restricted access to candidate profiles. A payment of $597.00 per month or $5,988 per year to receive full access.

Some are free and certain need a subscription. Basic membership is free, and premium membership costs $29.99 for a one-month subscription, $24.99 per month for three-month.


Scouted is a next-edge recruiting platform that thinks people are more than their resumes. It increases the efficiency of your hiring process by 6x, saving you over 20 hours per search and resulting in 95% employee retention. Scouted only charge upon hiring a candidate, and the charges will be 20% of the first salary of hired candidate. Hence, you do not need to pay anything until you get your candidate, and probably that's what the recruiter looks for.


Angel List is the world's largest platform to raise funds for startups, hire talent and find jobs around you. It was founded back in 2000 and is well known all around the globe. Today, AngleList is trusted by 130,000 startups of different sizes and different niches.

Its basic subscription is free of cost with unlimited job posts, messaging, applicant tracking, and other features.


Adzuna stands out as a comprehensive job search engine, aggregating listings from various sources to offer a wide array of opportunities for job seekers. Its user-friendly interface, combined with advanced search options and up-to-date market insights, makes it a valuable tool for those seeking new career opportunities. Adzuna's unique approach of collecting job listings from multiple websites ensures that users have access to a diverse range of job postings, enhancing their chances of finding suitable employment.

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