How Recruitment Software is Changing the Hiring Paradigm for Large UK Agencies

Updated May 3, 20247 min read

Recruitment in its current form is a lengthy process. On average, UK companies take 27.5 working days to hire talent. To this end, improving quality of hire (52%), and improving time-to-hire (23%) remain among the top recruiting priorities worldwide. Agencies have started to rely on digital offerings like recruitment softwares to streamline their hiring process. In this article, we will look at some of the top players within the digital staffing industry and how large agencies in the UK benefit from them.

Benefits of Recruitment Software

There are several key benefits of using recruitment softwares for the hiring process. Some of them include:-

  • Expedite the Recruitment Process: Recruitment softwares makes hunting through big data a seamless process. It accesses all the necessary information and reaches both candidates and employers promptly. The availability of both desktop software and mobile apps allows agencies to access data from anywhere, reducing the overall time to affect changes in the system. This makes hiring a lot quicker.
  • Grow the Agency Database and Gain Useful Insights: Recruitment software can be used to collect useful data from candidates (e.g. their resumes, location preferences, skill sets, etc.) and this can then be analyzed to gain valuable insight into the job market of a particular area. Popular software solutions provide streamlined data collection and storage, with different dashboards to present the analyzed results.
  • Reduce Administrative and Manual Work: Most recruitment software solutions are primarily targeted toward reducing manual, hands-on processes that accompany general recruitment in agencies. You can post jobs on a range of job boards with a single click, gather responses centrally and scan through potential candidates based on selection criteria, schedule interviews, and send selected candidates notifications about their application status.
  • Increase the Quality of New Candidates : By centrally storing all the candidate resumes, recruitment softwares can be used to easily scan through hundreds of pages of data to select the ones that best fit a job requirement. You can sort these resumes into various categories and apply multiple filters to them while searching for candidates with specific skills. This eases the recruitment process and ensures that only the top potential candidates are selected for job interviews, thus increasing the overall quality of the incoming pool of candidates.
  • Improve Communication and Social Reach: From posting job adverts to sending candidates notifications of their application status, recruitment softwares can help agencies communicate with all parties involved effectively. Most recruitment softwares also integrates with social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to ensure job postings reach a wider array of people - and this increased social reach is hugely important in modern hiring processes.

Best Recruitment Software in the UK

Zoho Recruit:

Zoho Recruit is one of the most popular recruitment agency software in 2021 according to Capterra. It is a cloud-based, software-as-a-service solution that primarily works as an Application Tracking System (ATS). Zoho Recruit allows you to customize your hiring process as per the requirement, and sort available resumes to select the best candidate profiles.

With robust integrations with premium job boards, Zoho Recruit allows recruiters to post job adverts on those platforms seamlessly and collect the responses into a central repository for easy analysis.


GoHire is a UK-based recruitment tool that is currently being used by 2,500+ companies worldwide. Like Zoho Recruit, GoHire is also a state-of-the-art, cloud-based ATS system, but it pitches itself as best suited for startups and Small/Medium Businesses. GoHire is GDPR compliant and has a plethora of features like Employer Branding, multi-site integration, and an application tracking system with an interview scheduling tool. It supports customized reporting, dashboards, and other analytical features, and is offered in various pricing models, including a 14-day free trial.‍


CEIPAL, another Capterra recruitment software top performer in 2021, is a popular choice amongst startups and rapidly growing companies. CEIPAL is an AI-driven, 360-degree recruitment platform designed to make the hiring process automatic, more efficient, and reach productivity and business goals. It provides a suite of tools for hiring and workforce management and has integration with 50+ job boards. CEIPAL can increase candidate sourcing by 70% with its AI-powered candidate recommendations.

Recruit CRM:

Recruit CRM is a robust ATS and CRM solution that is trusted in more than 75 countries, tackling the heavy duties of hiring such as tracking and managing data on open positions, candidates, and employers. Recruit CRM presents the entire recruitment process via a dashboard and other visualizations to recruiters for easy tracking.

This software comes with a powerful parser that can scan your inbox for resumes and extract just the information you need, and also supports hotlisting candidates for future reference.


iSmartRecruit is trusted by over 10K + recruiters in 70+ countries, is an easy-to-use recruitment platform designed to revolutionize your overall hiring workflow and candidate engagement. It offers a complete solution for executive search firms, staffing agencies, RPO recruiters, in-house talent acquisition teams, startups, and high-volume recruiting. You can streamline your end-to-end recruitment and onboarding processes with this cloud-based hiring tool that integrates seamlessly with various job boards and social media channels.

Top recruitment software suites come with a robust array of features augmenting the usual ATS or CRM capabilities, including AI-driven parsing, integration with social media and job board platforms like LinkedIn or Glassdoor, a central repository of resumes and related data for easy searching/hotlisting, dashboards for hiring process visualization, and even interview/call scheduling.