Financial Manager Job Description Template

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Financial Manager Job Description Template

What is a Financial Manager?

Financial managers are responsible for overseeing financial reports, developing strategies for financial growth, managing investment activities, and ensuring compliance with financial regulations. They play a crucial role in guiding the financial decisions of an organization.

A bachelor's degree in finance, accounting, or a related field is typically required for financial managers. Additionally, strong analytical skills and experience in financial management are essential for this role.

Financial Manager Job Description Template

Job Brief

We are looking for a reliable Financial Manager that will analyze every day financial activities and subsequently provide advice and guidance to upper management on future financial plans.

The goal is to enable the company’s leaders to make sound business decisions and meet the company’s objectives.


  • Provide financial reports and interpret financial information to managerial staff while recommending further courses of action.
  • Advise on investment activities and provide strategies that the company should take
  • Maintain the financial health of the organization.
  • Analyze costs, pricing, variable contributions, sales results and the company’s actual performance compared to the business plans.
  • Develop trends and projections for the firm’s finances.
  • Conduct reviews and evaluations for cost-reduction opportunities.
  • Oversee operations of the finance department, set goals and objectives, and design a framework for these to be met.
  • Manage the preparation of the company’s budget.
  • Liase with auditors to ensure appropriate monitoring of company finances is maintained.
  • Correspond with various other departments, discussing company plans and agreeing on future paths to be taken.


  • Proven experience as a Financial Manager
  • Experience in the financial sector with previous possible roles such as financial analyst
  • Extensive understanding of financial trends both within the company and general market patterns
  • Proficient user of finance software
  • Strong interpersonal, communication and presentation skills
  • Able to manage, guide and lead employees to ensure appropriate financial processes are being used
  • A solid understanding of financial statistics and accounting principles
  • Working knowledge of all statutory legislation and regulations
  • BS/MA degree in Finance, Accounting or Economics
  • Professional qualification such as CFA/CPA or similar will be considered a plus

What does Financial Manager do?

A Financial Manager is responsible for overseeing and managing the financial operations of an organization. On a day-to-day basis, their tasks may include:

  1. Monitoring financial transactions: Reviewing and analyzing financial data, such as budgets, expenditure, revenue, and cash flow statements, on a regular basis to ensure accuracy and compliance with regulations.

  2. Budgeting and forecasting: Developing financial plans and budgets for the organization and implementing budgetary control measures to ensure expenses align with the approved budget.

  3. Financial analysis: Conducting financial analysis to support business decisions, such as evaluating investment opportunities, cost reduction strategies, and identifying areas for improvement or risk mitigation.

  4. Reporting: Preparing financial reports and presenting them to senior management, board members, and stakeholders, providing insights and recommendations based on the financial analysis.

  5. Risk management: Identifying financial risks and implementing appropriate strategies to mitigate them, such as developing and implementing internal control systems to safeguard assets and prevent fraud.

  6. Cash management: Managing cash flow effectively by monitoring accounts receivable and payable, optimizing working capital, and projecting future cash needs.

  7. Financial planning and strategy: Participating in strategic planning sessions to provide financial expertise and guidance on long-term financial goals and objectives, as well as identifying opportunities for growth and expansion.

  8. Compliance: Ensuring compliance with financial regulations, tax laws, and reporting requirements by staying updated with changes in accounting standards and regulations, and overseeing the preparation of financial statements and tax returns.

  9. Relationship management: Collaborating with external stakeholders, such as banks, auditors, and financial consultants, to establish and maintain positive relationships and ensure effective financial management.

  10. Team management: Leading and managing a team of finance professionals, providing mentorship, training, and performance evaluations to ensure their professional growth and effective execution of financial responsibilities.

This is not an exhaustive list, as the tasks of a Financial Manager can vary depending on the organization's industry, size, and specific requirements.

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