Software Engineer Job Description Template

Use this Software Engineer job description template to advertise the open roles for free using You can use this template as a starting point, modify the requirements according the needs of your organization or the client you are hiring for.

Software Engineer Job Description Template


Job Brief

We are looking for a passionate Software Engineer to design, develop and install software solutions.

Software Engineer responsibilities include gathering user requirements, defining system functionality and writing code in various languages, like Java, Ruby on Rails or .NET programming languages (e.g. C++ or JScript.NET.) Our ideal candidates are familiar with the software development life cycle (SDLC) from preliminary system analysis to tests and deployment.

Ultimately, the role of the Software Engineer is to build high-quality, innovative and fully performing software that complies with coding standards and technical design.


  • Execute full software development life cycle (SDLC)
  • Develop flowcharts, layouts and documentation to identify requirements and solutions
  • Write well-designed, testable code
  • Produce specifications and determine operational feasibility
  • Integrate software components into a fully functional software system
  • Develop software verification plans and quality assurance procedures
  • Document and maintain software functionality
  • Troubleshoot, debug and upgrade existing systems
  • Deploy programs and evaluate user feedback
  • Comply with project plans and industry standards
  • Ensure software is updated with latest features


  • Proven work experience as a Software Engineer or Software Developer
  • Experience designing interactive applications
  • Ability to develop software in Java, Ruby on Rails, C++ or other programming languages
  • Excellent knowledge of relational databases, SQL and ORM technologies (JPA2, Hibernate)
  • Experience developing web applications using at least one popular web framework (JSF, Wicket, GWT, Spring MVC)
  • Experience with test-driven development
  • Proficiency in software engineering tools
  • Ability to document requirements and specifications
  • BSc degree in Computer Science, Engineering or relevant field

What does Software Engineer do?

A Software Engineer's day-to-day activities can vary depending on the specific role, industry, and company. However, some common tasks and responsibilities can include:

  1. Designing and developing software applications: This involves creating software solutions, designing software architecture and system components, and coding.

  2. Testing and debugging: Software Engineers often need to test and identify any bugs or issues in their code and fix them.

  3. Collaborating with cross-functional teams: They may work closely with other departments, such as product management, design, and quality assurance, to understand requirements and deliver software solutions.

  4. Researching and staying up to date: Given the rapidly evolving nature of technology, Software Engineers constantly need to stay updated with the latest industry trends and research new technologies to implement in their projects.

  5. Documentation: Writing and maintaining documentation for the software they develop, including code documentation, user manuals, and technical specifications.

  6. Code review: Participating in code reviews to ensure quality and adherence to coding standards.

  7. Troubleshooting and providing technical support: Assisting users or other team members in troubleshooting issues and providing technical support when required.

  8. Continuous learning and improvement: Engaging in professional development activities, attending workshops or conferences, and learning new programming languages or frameworks to enhance skills.

  9. Project management and coordination: Managing their workload, prioritizing tasks, and meeting project deadlines. This can involve coordinating with other team members and tracking progress.

  10. Enhancing software performance: Identifying potential improvements, optimizing code, and enhancing software performance.

It's important to note that the day-to-day tasks can vary depending on the size of the organization, the specific project or product being worked on, and the individual's level of experience and seniority.

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