Data Manager Job Description Template

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Data Manager Job Description Template


Job Brief

We are looking for an experienced Data Manager to oversee the development and use of data systems. You will discover efficient ways to organize, store and analyze data with attention to security and confidentiality.

A great data manager is able to fully grasp the complexity of data management. The ideal candidate will have a strong understanding of databases and data analysis procedures. You will also be tech-savvy and possess excellent troubleshooting skills.

The goal is to ensure that information flows timely and securely to and from the organization as well as within.


  • Create and enforce policies for effective data management
  • Formulate techniques for quality data collection to ensure adequacy, accuracy and legitimacy of data
  • Devise and implement efficient and secure procedures for data handling and analysis with attention to all technical aspects
  • Establish rules and procedures for data sharing with upper management, external stakeholders etc.
  • Support others in the daily use of data systems and ensure adherence to legal and company standards
  • Assist with reports and data extraction when needed
  • Monitor and analyze information and data systems and evaluate their performance to discover ways of enhancing them (new technologies, upgrades etc.)
  • Ensure digital databases and archives are protected from security breaches and data losses
  • Troubleshoot data-related problems and authorize maintenance or modifications


  • Proven experience as data manager
  • Excellent understanding of data administration and management functions (collection, analysis, distribution etc.)
  • Familiarity with modern database and information system technologies
  • Proficient in MS Office (Excel, Access, Word etc.)
  • An analytical mindset with problem-solving skills
  • Excellent communication and collaboration skills
  • BSc/BA in computer science or relevant field

What does Data Manager do?

A Data Manager is responsible for overseeing the collection, organization, and maintenance of data in an organization. On a day-to-day basis, a Data Manager typically performs the following tasks:

  1. Data collection: Gathering data from various sources such as internal databases, external systems, or manual inputs.

  2. Data validation: Ensuring the accuracy, completeness, and consistency of collected data through validation processes, data quality checks, and data profiling.

  3. Data organization: Structuring and categorizing data in a logical and organized manner using data models, schemas, or frameworks.

  4. Data storage and maintenance: Managing data storage systems or databases, including data backup, security, and access control.

  5. Data analysis: Analyzing data to identify patterns, trends, or insights that can support decision-making processes.

  6. Data cleansing: Identifying and resolving any inconsistencies, errors, or duplicates in the data through data cleansing techniques.

  7. Data integration: Combining data from multiple sources or systems to create a unified and cohesive data set for analysis or reporting purposes.

  8. Data privacy and security: Ensuring compliance with data protection regulations, implementing data security measures, and managing user access privileges.

  9. Documentation: Creating and maintaining documentation related to data management processes, including data dictionaries, data lineage, and data governance policies.

  10. Collaboration: Collaborating with other teams or stakeholders, such as IT, analytics, or business teams, to gather requirements, address data-related issues, or provide data-related support.

  11. Stay updated: Keeping up with industry trends, advancements in data management technologies, and best practices to enhance data management processes and improve data quality.

Overall, a Data Manager plays a critical role in ensuring that data is accurate, accessible, and usable for decision-making and business operations within an organization.

Data Manager Job Description Examples

Senior Lead Clinical Data Manager, Home-Based - Iqvia Biotech• IQVIA

POSITION TITLE: Senior Lead Clinical Data Manager

REPORTS TO: Manager or Director-level Data Management or Designee...


Senior Lead Clinical Data Manager position is to manage all data management (DM) tasks to include more complex and/or larger studies and/or a program of studies from start-up through database closure and archival producing high-quality databases for analysis...

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Space Data Manager• CBRE

Space Data Manager

Job ID...




Service line

GWS Segment

Role type


Areas of Interest

Building Management, Building Surveying/Consultancy , Design, Facilities Management


New York City - New York - United States of America, Remote - US - Remote - US - United States of America


The purpose of this position is to manage occupancy ...

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Principal Data Manager• IQVIA

POSITION TITLE: Principal Data Manager

REPORTS TO: Manager or Director level Data Management or Designee...


Principal Data Manager position is to manage all data management (DM) activities for more complex, larger projects and/or program of studies from start-up through database closure and archival, producing high quality databases for analysis and potential regulatory subm...

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Specimen Data Manager• University of California Riverside

The position is with the UCSF Memory and Aging Center (MAC) (, a dynamic multidisciplinary clinical research program investigating neurodegenerative diseases. Under the supervision of the MAC Genetics and Biospecimen Manager, the Specimen Data Manager will coordinate many aspects of the Genetics and Biospecimen program data needs. Key activities of the Specimen Data Manag...

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