Reporter Job Description Template

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Reporter Job Description Template

What is a Reporter?

Reporters are responsible for gathering information, conducting interviews, writing news stories, and presenting information to the public. They often work under tight deadlines and must ensure the accuracy and fairness of their reports.

A bachelor's degree in journalism or a related field is typically required. Strong communication skills and the ability to work under pressure are also essential.

Reporter Job Description Template

Job Brief

We are looking for a passionate Reporter to participate in the creative cycle of a news story by investigating and writing rich and unbiased “scoops”.


  • Collect, verify and analyze thoroughly newsworthy information
  • Assemble findings into a stable story
  • Write and deliver news stories with the reader’s perspective in mind
  • Publish or broadcast news stories
  • Receive assignments or investigate news leads/tips
  • Abide by journalism’s ethics and codes
  • Contact, interview and research sources
  • Maintain notes and audio recordings
  • Cooperate with reporters, chief editor, producers etc
  • Stay up-to-date with the latest current events in the “beat” by studying papers, attending events etc.


  • Proven working experience as a Reporter
  • Portfolio of published articles or newscasts
  • Ability to gather, write and edit news
  • Broad knowledge of headlines
  • Computer proficiency (MS Office, digital editing, web search, databases)
  • Excellent communication, lobbying and active listening skills
  • Integrity and morality
  • BS degree in journalism or mass communications

What does Reporter do?

A reporter's day-to-day responsibilities can vary depending on the type of news organization and their beat. However, some common activities for a reporter may include:

  1. Researching and gathering news stories: This involves staying up to date on current events, reading press releases, conducting interviews, and searching for story leads.

  2. Conducting interviews: Reporters often reach out to sources and conduct interviews to gather information and quotes to include in their stories.

  3. Writing articles: Reporters write news articles based on the information they have gathered. This includes crafting headlines, structuring articles, and ensuring accuracy and objectivity in reporting.

  4. Editing and fact-checking: After writing an article, reporters may review, revise, and edit their work. Fact-checking is important to ensure that the information presented is accurate.

  5. Attending events and press conferences: Being present at events and press conferences allows reporters to gather firsthand information, ask questions, and network with other journalists and sources.

  6. Collaborating with editors and colleagues: Reporters often work closely with editors who help refine their stories. They may also collaborate with colleagues on larger news projects or investigative pieces.

  7. Utilizing technology and social media: Reporters use various digital tools, including social media platforms, to research, share news updates, interact with their audience, and promote their stories.

  8. Meeting deadlines: Reporters are typically working against tight deadlines, so they must be able to manage their time effectively and prioritize tasks to ensure timely delivery of stories.

  9. Maintaining professional relationships: Building and maintaining strong relationships with sources, fellow journalists, and members of the community is vital for a reporter as it helps in accessing reliable information and news tips.

  10. Continuing education: Reporters frequently engage in ongoing learning and professional development to stay updated on industry trends, enhance their reporting skills, and adapt to evolving technologies.

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