Security Officer Job Description Template

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Security Officer Job Description Template

Job Brief

We are looking for a competent Security Officer to undertake the surveillance of our premises and protection of our staff and visitors. You will be responsible for detecting any suspicious behavior and preventing vandalism, thefts or other criminal behavior.

A security officer must be well-trained in surveillance and dealing with perpetrators. The ideal candidate will inspire respect and authority as well as possess a high level of observation.

The goal is to help the company in maintaining excellent working conditions by keeping our facilities safe and problem-free.


  • Patrol premises regularly to maintain order and establish presence
  • Monitor and authorize entrance of vehicles or people in the property
  • Remove wrongdoers or trespassers from the area
  • Secure all exits, doors and windows after end of operations
  • Check surveillance cameras periodically to identify disruptions or unlawful acts
  • Investigate people for suspicious activity or possessions
  • Respond to alarms by investigating and assessing the situation
  • Provide assistance to people in need
  • Apprehend and detain perpetrators according to legal protocol before arrival of authorities
  • Submit reports of daily surveillance activity and important occurrences


  • Proven experience as security officer or guard
  • Knowledge of legal guidelines for area security and public safety
  • Familiarity with report writing
  • Excellent surveillance and observation skills
  • Tech-savvy with experience in surveillance systems
  • Trained in First Aid/BLS and self-defense
  • Registered as a security officer
  • High School diploma is required

What does Security Officer do?

A Security Officer is responsible for maintaining a safe and secure environment for people, property, and assets. On a day-to-day basis, their duties may include:

  1. Patrolling assigned areas: They regularly walk or drive around the premises to monitor for any suspicious activities or potential security risks. They may also use surveillance systems to observe the surroundings.

  2. Access control: They check identification, credentials, or permits of individuals entering the premises to ensure authorized entry. This may involve operating security equipment like metal detectors, x-ray machines, or security wands.

  3. Responding to incidents: If there is a security breach, disturbance, or emergency, Security Officers are responsible for promptly addressing and resolving the situation. This could involve notifying appropriate personnel, providing first aid, or assisting with evacuations.

  4. Writing reports: Security Officers document all incidents or activities during their patrols. They write detailed reports, including descriptions of events, actions taken, and any observations that could assist in investigations.

  5. Monitoring security systems: They keep an eye on security systems such as CCTV cameras, alarms, and access control systems. This ensures that all equipment is functioning properly and any anomalies are quickly identified.

  6. Enforcing policies and regulations: Security Officers may enforce company policies and procedures, as well as local laws and regulations. This could involve conducting bag checks, enforcing parking rules, or preventing unauthorized access to restricted areas.

  7. Assisting with crowd control: During events or busy periods, Security Officers may be required to manage crowds, ensure order, and handle any disturbances that may arise.

  8. Providing customer service: Security Officers often have direct contact with employees, visitors, or residents on the premises. They assist with directions, address queries, provide information, or offer general assistance.

It's important to note that the specific responsibilities of a Security Officer can vary depending on the organization, industry, and location they work in.