Computer Security Specialist Job Description Template

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Computer Security Specialist Job Description Template


Job Brief

We are looking for a Computer Security Specialist to implement and maintain our security systems. You will be responsible for preventing unauthorized access to our data and responding to privacy breaches.

In this role, you should be knowledgeable about security frameworks and systems. If you’re also a problem-solver and quick decision-maker, we’d like to meet you.

Your goal will be to ensure that our technology infrastructure is well-protected.


  • Analyze IT specifications to assess security risks
  • Design and implement safety measures and data recovery plans
  • Install, configure and upgrade security software (e.g. antivirus programs)
  • Secure networks through firewalls, password protection and other systems
  • Inspect hardware for vulnerable points of access
  • Monitor network activity to identify issues early and communicate them to IT teams
  • Act on privacy breaches and malware threats
  • Serve as a security expert and conduct trainings when needed
  • Draft policies and guidelines


  • Proven experience as a Computer Security Specialist
  • Programming skills are preferred (e.g. knowledge of C++, PHP languages)
  • Familiarity with security frameworks (e.g. NIST Cybersecurity framework) and risk management methodologies
  • Knowledge of patch management, firewalls and intrusion detection/prevention systems (e.g. TippingPoint)
  • Familiarity with public key infrastructure (PKI) and cryptographic protocols (e.g. SSL/ TLS)
  • An analytical mind with excellent problem-solving ability
  • Outstanding communication and organization skills
  • Decision-making skills
  • BSc/BA in Computer Science, Information Technology or a related field; professional certification (e.g. CompTIA Security+, CISSP) is a plus

What does Computer Security Specialist do?

A Computer Security Specialist is responsible for safeguarding an organization's computer systems and networks against potential threats and breaches. On a day-to-day basis, their tasks may include:

  1. Monitoring: They constantly monitor computer systems and networks to detect any suspicious activities, threats, or vulnerabilities.

  2. Threat and Vulnerability Analysis: They analyze potential threats and vulnerabilities in computer systems and networks, conducting risk assessments and identifying areas that need improvement.

  3. Incident Response: They respond to security incidents, investigating and containing any breaches or attacks that occur. This involves analyzing logs, researching the root cause, and coordinating with other teams to mitigate the impact.

  4. Security Auditing: They conduct regular security audits to assess the effectiveness of existing security measures and recommend improvements.

  5. Security Architecture Design: They participate in the design and implementation of security measures, ensuring that systems and networks are built with security in mind.

  6. Security Testing: They perform security testing, including penetration testing, vulnerability assessment, and ethical hacking to identify potential weaknesses in systems.

  7. Security Awareness and Training: They provide security awareness programs and training sessions to educate employees and users about best practices for data protection and secure computing.

  8. Keeping Up with Industry Trends: They stay updated with the latest security technologies, trends, and regulations to ensure that organizations remain compliant and proactive against emerging threats.

  9. Documentation and Reporting: They maintain accurate documentation of security measures, incidents, and any remediation actions taken, preparing regular reports for management.

  10. Collaboration and Communication: They collaborate with IT teams, management, and other stakeholders to educate and advocate for security best practices, ensuring a secure computing environment for the organization.

Computer Security Specialist Job Description Examples

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The cyb...

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Cyber Security Specialist• Lutron Electronics Co., Inc


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Cyber Security Specialist• Zofixer

The Senior Manager receives assistance from the Cyber Security Specialist in directing initiatives to guarantee the security of computer networks and information systems. Defending against hackers and cyberattacks is a part of this, as is keeping an eye on network traffic and records for anything that seems out of the ordinary. Additionally, specialists are in charge of identifying computer... ...

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Computer Security Specialist• Contact Government Services, LLC

Job Description

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