Carpenter Job Description Template

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Carpenter Job Description Template

Job Brief

We are looking for a qualified Carpenter to cut, fabricate and install wooden and other structures according to specifications. Your job will entail working in diverse settings to produce steady and functional infrastructure and products.

A carpenter is an individual with great hand dexterity and an eye for detail. The ideal candidate will also have good knowledge of wood properties and other carpentry materials. Working with little supervision while following all health and safety standards is essential.

The goal is to contribute to the construction and maintenance of strong and long-lasting buildings and products.


  • Read blueprints, drawings and sketches to fully grasp requirements
  • Take measurements and calculate the size and amount of material needed
  • Cut, shape and smooth lumber and other material (e.g. fiberglass) according to measurements
  • Build window frames, doors, staircases and frame buildings by using raw materials or pre-constructed items
  • Lay out floorings, roofings or drywalls ensuring they are leveled and compatible
  • Carve and assemble furniture, cabinets, shelves and other items and install them where designated
  • Inspect places and conduct repairs or maintenance
  • Build scaffolding and other construction structures


  • Proven experience as carpenter
  • Hands-on experience in working with carpentry materials
  • Excellent understanding of carpentry techniques and methods of installation and construction
  • Proficient in using electrical and manual equipment and measurement tools (powered saws, hammers, rulers etc.)
  • Ability to read technical documents and drawings
  • Willingness to follow safety guidelines at all times
  • Good knowledge of English
  • Good understanding of basic math
  • Good physical condition and endurance
  • High school diploma; Successful completion of a carpentry apprenticeship program is required

What does Carpenter do?

A carpenter typically performs the following tasks on a day to day basis:

  1. Planning and measuring: Carpenters review blueprints, specifications, and drawings to understand the requirements of a project. They take measurements and plan out the necessary steps to complete the job.

  2. Cutting and shaping materials: Carpenters use various tools such as saws, drills, and chisels to cut and shape different types of materials, including wood, plastic, and metal.

  3. Building structures: Carpenters construct and assemble structures such as floors, walls, roofs, and ceilings. They may also install doors, windows, and stairs.

  4. Installing fixtures and fittings: Carpenters often install fixtures like cabinets, shelving units, and countertops. They may also assist with installing other items such as trim, molding, and baseboards.

  5. Repairing and renovating: Carpenters are frequently called upon to repair or renovate existing structures. This could involve fixing broken windows, replacing damaged boards or beams, or reinforcing weakened structures.

  6. Finishing and polishing: Once the structure is built or repaired, carpenters may apply finishes such as paint, varnish, or sealant to make the project look attractive and protect it from damage.

  7. Maintaining tools and equipment: Carpenters clean and maintain their tools and equipment to ensure they are in good working condition. They may also sharpen blades and replace worn-out parts.

  8. Collaborating with other professionals: Carpenters often work alongside other construction professionals, including architects, contractors, and plumbers, to ensure proper coordination and completion of the project.

It's important to note that the exact tasks performed by carpenters can vary depending on the specific project and their area of specialization.