Machinist Job Description Template

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Machinist Job Description Template

What is a Machinist?

Machinists are responsible for operating machine tools to produce precision metal parts, setting up and adjusting machine tools, maintaining and repairing equipment, and ensuring that products meet precise specifications. They must have a strong understanding of blueprints and technical drawings.

A high school diploma or equivalent is typically required for machinists, along with technical training or an apprenticeship. Attention to detail and manual dexterity are also essential for this role.

Machinist Job Description Template

Job Brief

We are looking for a skilled Machinist to operate a variety of machines to perform assigned tasks. You will produce or repair precision parts using both manual and automated equipment and accurate measurements.

A great machinist needs to possess manual dexterity and an eye for detail. They must also have knowledge of mathematics and mechanics as well as respect for safety precautions.

The goal is to ensure effective production operations and optimize procedures.


  • Review samples, drawings or instructions to understand specifications of output
  • Plan the sequence of necessary actions for the completion of a job
  • Take measurements and mark material for cutting or shaping
  • Select appropriate machines (e.g. lathes) and position or load material for a job
  • Determine and program size of batches, speed of machine etc.
  • Monitor machine while working to adjust the feed, maintain temperature and identify issues
  • Check output to ensure consistency with specifications and discard defects
  • Keep records of approved and defective units or final products
  • Perform routine machine maintenance and repair minor damages


  • Proven experience as machinist
  • Experience in using and/or programming manual, semi-automated or automated tools and machines (lathes, grinders etc.)
  • Ability to use precision tools (e.g. calipers) to take accurate measurements
  • Knowledge of the properties of metal and other material
  • Ability to read blueprints, schematics and manuals
  • Good at math with analytical abilities
  • Physical stamina and strength to lift heavy items
  • High school diploma or equivalent; completion of vocational training or an apprenticeship will be an asset

What does Machinist do?

A Machinist is responsible for operating various types of machinery to shape and fabricate metal or other materials into precise parts and components. On a day to day basis, a Machinist typically carries out tasks such as:

  1. Reading and interpreting engineering drawings, blueprints, and specifications to understand the requirements of the part to be manufactured.
  2. Selecting and setting up the appropriate cutting tools, machines, and measuring instruments needed for the job.
  3. Operating computer-controlled machinery or manual machines, such as lathes, milling machines, grinders, or drill presses.
  4. Measuring, examining, and testing completed parts to ensure they meet specified tolerances and quality standards.
  5. Adjusting machine settings and making tool changes as needed to achieve accurate dimensions and surface finishes.
  6. Troubleshooting and resolving issues that may arise during the machining process, such as tool wear or machine malfunctions.
  7. Monitoring machine operations and making adjustments when necessary to maintain production quality and efficiency.
  8. Performing routine maintenance and cleaning of machines to ensure optimal performance.
  9. Collaborating with engineers, designers, or other team members to discuss specifications, suggest improvements, and solve manufacturing problems.
  10. Following safety protocols and maintaining a clean and organized work area.

The specific tasks and responsibilities of a Machinist may vary depending on the industry they work in and the complexity of the parts being manufactured.

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