Preschool Teacher Job Description Template

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Preschool Teacher Job Description Template

Job Brief

We are looking for a qualified Preschool Teacher to prepare small children for kindergarten by easing them into organized education. You will teach them important elements that they will encounter soon after they enter school life.

A preschool teacher must have a great love and patience for children. Qualifications needed to teach them effectively include knowledge of best practices and preschool educational methods as well as the ability to engage them and earn their trust and attention.

The goal is to contribute to the healthy mental and emotional development of the child so they can more easily acclimate in the next level of education.


  • Develop a careful and creative program suitable for preschool children
  • Employ a variety of educational techniques (storytelling, educational play, media etc.) to teach children
  • Observe each child to help them improve their social competencies and build self-esteem
  • Encourage children to interact with each other and resolve occasional arguments
  • Guide children to develop their artistic and practical capabilities through a carefully constructed curriculum (identify shapes, numbers or colors, do crafts etc.)
  • Organize nap and snack hours and supervise children to ensure they are safe at all times
  • Track children’s progress and report to parents
  • Communicate with parents regularly to understand the children’s background and psyche
  • Collaborate with other educators
  • Maintain a clean and tidy classroom consistent with health and safety standards


  • Proven experience as a Preschool Teacher
  • Excellent understanding of the principles of child development and preschool educational methods
  • Familiarity with safety and sanitation guidelines for classrooms
  • Excellent communication and instructional skills
  • Ability to act as mediator between children
  • Cool-tempered, friendly and reliable
  • Balance between a creative mind and a practical acumen
  • Certification in child CPR
  • BSc/BA in education or relevant field
  • Valid license to practice profession

What does Preschool Teacher do?

A preschool teacher's day-to-day activities typically revolve around creating a safe, nurturing, and educational environment for young children. Here are some of the tasks they may perform:

  1. Planning and implementing developmentally appropriate activities: This involves designing a curriculum that addresses important areas of child development, such as language and literacy, math, science, social-emotional skills, and creative expression.

  2. Creating lesson plans: Teachers develop daily or weekly plans outlining the activities, materials, and goals for each day. These plans often include stories, songs, outdoor play, arts and crafts, and group activities.

  3. Organizing classroom materials and resources: They set up the learning environment with various educational materials, toys, books, and art supplies. Teachers ensure that everything is arranged in an inviting and easily accessible manner.

  4. Guiding children's behavior: Preschool teachers establish clear rules and expectations, and help children understand and follow them appropriately. They encourage positive behavior through praise, rewards, and modeling.

  5. Assisting with daily routines: They help children with tasks like getting dressed, toileting, handwashing, and eating meals. They also encourage self-help skills, such as putting on shoes and coats.

  6. Observing and assessing children's progress: Teachers observe children's activities, interactions, and behavior to identify their strengths, needs, and areas for improvement. They use various assessment techniques, including checklists and anecdotal records.

  7. Communicating with parents or guardians: Teachers maintain ongoing communication with families to provide updates on their child's progress, share stories and observations, and discuss any concerns or issues.

  8. Collaborating with other professionals: They work closely with other educators, such as special education teachers, speech therapists, and occupational therapists, to support children with diverse needs.

  9. Attending staff meetings and professional development sessions: Teachers participate in meetings with colleagues to discuss curriculum, address concerns, and plan special events. They also engage in professional development activities to enhance their teaching skills.

  10. Creating a positive and inclusive classroom culture: Teachers foster a sense of community and encourage respectful and inclusive interactions among children. They promote cultural awareness, empathy, and celebrate diversity.

It's important to note that the specific tasks of a preschool teacher may vary based on the school's philosophy, age group of children, and regional regulations.

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