Guidance Counselor Job Description Template

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Guidance Counselor Job Description Template

What is a Guidance Counselor?

Guidance counselors are responsible for providing academic advice, career counseling, personal development support, and emotional guidance. They help students set realistic goals, develop effective study habits, and navigate personal challenges.

Guidance counselors typically require a master's degree in counseling or a related field. They must also possess strong communication and interpersonal skills.

Guidance Counselor Job Description Template

Job Brief

We are seeking a qualified Guidance Counselor to support and educate elementary, middle and/or high school students through a well-prepared counseling program. You will serve as the facilitator for the attaining of students’ academic or career goals, and assist them in developing their social and mental capacity. The goal is to enable the students to become mature and well-functioning adults.


  • Develop and implement an all-encompassing educational and counseling plan with modern methods of teaching and mentoring
  • Foster equal opportunity practices and encourage students’ association
  • Pay attention to cultural or societal differences in dealing with the students
  • Conduct group or individual counseling sessions to assist students with problems or concerns
  • Assess students’ attributes (KSAOs) and help them realise their strengths
  • Evaluate the progress of students and reinforce the sense of accomplishment
  • Identify behavioral problems or at-risk students and act appropriately
  • Cooperate with parents and teachers as well as other interested parties
  • Complete assessments and tests, analyse results and provide feedback
  • Study and update student records
  • Prepare and present reviews on progress


  • Proven experience as a Guidance Counselor or Teacher;
  • Integrity and professionalism
  • Ability to operate within a wide range of student personalities and backgrounds
  • Education in various models of teaching, best counseling practices and regulations
  • Excellent communication skills and high emotional intelligence abilities
  • Basic knowledge of computers
  • MA degree in school or guidance counseling; guidance counseling credentials is a must.

What does Guidance Counselor do?

A guidance counselor is responsible for providing support and guidance to students in various aspects of their lives, including academic, personal, and career development. On a day-to-day basis, a guidance counselor typically performs the following tasks:

  1. Meeting with students individually or in small groups to discuss their concerns, academic progress, and personal goals.
  2. Providing guidance on course selection, college and career planning, and post-secondary options.
  3. Assisting students with creating academic and career development plans tailored to their interests and abilities.
  4. Offering advice and resources to help students improve their study skills and academic performance.
  5. Conducting assessments and interpreting test results to help students understand their strengths and weaknesses.
  6. Collaborating with teachers, parents, and other professionals to develop strategies for supporting students' academic and social-emotional needs.
  7. Organizing and delivering workshops or presentations on topics such as study skills, stress management, career exploration, or college applications.
  8. Maintaining confidential student records and documentation of counseling sessions.
  9. Keeping up to date with educational trends and resources to provide the most accurate and relevant information to students.
  10. Networking with colleges, universities, industry professionals, and community organizations to identify resources and opportunities for students.

Overall, the day-to-day activities of a guidance counselor are focused on helping students navigate their academic journey, explore their interests, set goals, and develop the skills needed for personal and professional success.

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