Substitute Teacher Job Description Template

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Substitute Teacher Job Description Template

What is a Substitute Teacher?

Substitute teachers are responsible for delivering lesson plans, managing classroom behavior, ensuring student safety, and providing feedback to the regular teacher. They must be adaptable and able to quickly understand and implement lesson plans.

A substitute teacher's key education requirement is typically a bachelor's degree in education or a related field. Additional job requirements may include a teaching certification and previous classroom experience.

Substitute Teacher Job Description Template

Job Brief

We are looking for a Substitute Teacher to teach classes on a temporary and long-term basis.

In this role, you will follow the curriculum as provided by the principal or the absent teacher, assign homework and oversee attendance. You will also provide guidelines to students, grade their assignments and keep track of their progress.

Ultimately, you will help us run our classes smoothly and promote effective learning and development.


  • Study and follow the curriculum and lesson plan as provided by the absent teacher or the principal
  • Apply various teaching techniques (including interactive methods and game-based activities) to encourage participation and facilitate learning
  • Prepare educational materials, such as notes, exercises and additional resources
  • Assign classwork and homework
  • Take attendance according to school policy
  • Grade students’ assignments and provide constructive feedback
  • Keep track of students’ progress and write down information that’ll be useful to the regular teacher
  • Report any incidents regarding students’ behavior in and out of the classroom
  • Maintain a tidy and safe class environment for students
  • Oversee school equipment and ensure students use it properly


  • Previous experience as a part-time or full-time Teacher
  • Additional experience working with children is a plus
  • In-depth knowledge of learning techniques and teaching methods
  • Excellent communication skills
  • The ability to remain patient and approachable while also maintaining an orderly classroom
  • Great organizational skills
  • BSc in Education or other degree in Teaching

What does Substitute Teacher do?

A Substitute Teacher fills in for a regular classroom teacher who is unable to attend work due to illness, personal leave, or other reasons. On a day-to-day basis, a substitute teacher's responsibilities may include:

  1. Classroom management: Ensuring a safe and orderly learning environment by establishing and enforcing rules and procedures.

  2. Instruction: Delivering lessons and materials as per the teacher's instructions and lesson plans left for them. This may include teaching new concepts, revising previously taught material, facilitating discussions, answering student questions, and providing academic support.

  3. Attendance and administrative tasks: Taking attendance, keeping records, and submitting required reports to the school administration.

  4. Supervision: Monitoring students during recess, lunch breaks, and other non-classroom activities to maintain a safe and respectful environment.

  5. Behavior management: Addressing disciplinary issues and using appropriate strategies to manage student behavior, following the school's behavior management policy.

  6. Collaboration: Communicating and cooperating with other teachers and staff members to ensure consistency in student learning and behavior expectations.

  7. Supportive role: Providing emotional support, guidance, and encouragement to students as needed.

It's important for substitute teachers to adapt to the specific needs of each classroom, maintain a positive rapport with students, and follow the guidelines and policies provided by the school.

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