Public Relations Manager Job Description

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What is a Public Relations Manager?

A Public Relations Manager is responsible for managing an organization's public image, reputation, and communications with various stakeholders, including the media, customers, employees, and the general public. They develop and implement strategic PR campaigns, handle media relations, draft press releases, manage social media presence, handle crisis communications, and maintain positive relationships with key stakeholders.

Public Relations Managers can work in a wide range of industries, as virtually every organization needs to maintain a positive image. Some common industries where PR managers are commonly found include:

  1. Corporate: Public Relations Managers in corporate settings work to build and maintain the company's reputation, manage media relations, and handle internal and external communications.
  2. Nonprofit: In nonprofit organizations, PR Managers are responsible for promoting the organization's mission, raising awareness, and securing public support.
  3. Government: Public Relations Managers in government agencies develop and implement outreach campaigns, handle media inquiries, and communicate government initiatives and policies to the public.
  4. Entertainment: PR Managers in the entertainment industry work with actors, musicians, studios, and production companies to promote projects, handle publicity, and manage relationships with the media.
  5. Healthcare: Public Relations Managers in healthcare organizations work to strengthen the organization's reputation, handle crisis communications, and manage public perception of healthcare services.
  6. Technology: PR Managers in technology companies handle media relations, launch new products, and manage corporate communications in the dynamic and fast-paced tech industry.

These are just a few examples, and Public Relations Managers can be found in nearly every industry where maintaining a positive public image is important.

What does Public Relations Manager do?

A Public Relations Manager is responsible for managing the reputation of an organization or individual. On a day-to-day basis, their tasks may include:

  1. Creating and implementing PR strategies: Developing PR plans to promote the organization's image and increase its visibility.

  2. Media relations: Building and maintaining relationships with journalists, bloggers, and other media professionals to secure positive coverage and respond to media inquiries.

  3. Writing and editing: Crafting press releases, speeches, blog posts, and other communication materials to ensure consistent messaging and brand representation.

  4. Crisis management: Being prepared to handle any negative publicity or crisis situations effectively, including drafting statements and coordinating responses.

  5. Social media management: Overseeing the organization's social media accounts, updating content, engaging with followers, and monitoring online conversations about the brand.

  6. Event planning: Organizing and promoting events such as press conferences, product launches, or charity drives to generate positive media coverage and brand awareness.

  7. Monitoring and analysis: Tracking media coverage, monitoring trends, and analyzing the effectiveness of PR campaigns and activities using metrics and analytics tools.

  8. Internal communications: Ensuring effective internal communications by coordinating newsletters, employee announcements, or company-wide emails to keep employees informed and engaged.

  9. Stakeholder relations: Cultivating relationships with key stakeholders such as investors, community groups, and industry influencers to maintain positive relationships and advocacy.

  10. Collaboration: Collaborating with other departments, such as marketing and advertising, to align messaging and promotional activities and ensure integrated communications efforts.

  11. Research and industry knowledge: Keeping up-to-date with industry trends, news, and developments to provide strategic counsel and stay ahead of the competition.

It's important to note that the specific tasks can vary depending on the size of the organization and its industry. Public Relations managers often address a mix of planned activities and ad hoc requests while staying adaptable and flexible to different communication needs and challenges.

What skills are needed to be a Public Relations Manager?

  1. Strong Communication Skills: Public Relations Managers must have excellent written and verbal communication skills to effectively communicate with clients, media outlets, and the public.

  2. Creativity: Being able to think creatively is essential in order to develop unique and attention-grabbing public relations campaigns that effectively promote a company or individual.

  3. Interpersonal Skills: Public Relations Managers need strong interpersonal skills to build and maintain relationships with clients, the media, and other stakeholders. This includes being able to negotiate, handle conflicts, and work collaboratively with others.

  4. Strategic Thinking: Public Relations Managers must have the ability to think strategically and develop long-term plans to improve a company's reputation and public perception.

  5. Media Relations: A strong understanding of the media landscape and the ability to build relationships with journalists and media outlets is crucial in order to effectively promote a company's message and handle media inquiries.

  6. Crisis Management: Public Relations Managers must be able to effectively handle crisis situations and manage communication during difficult times, including developing crisis communication plans and providing timely and accurate information to the public.

  7. Social Media Management: With the rise of social media, Public Relations Managers must have a good understanding of various social media platforms and be able to effectively use them to promote a company's message and engage with the public.

  8. Research and Analysis: Being able to conduct thorough research and analyze data is important for Public Relations Managers to understand public opinion, trends, and the effectiveness of their campaigns.

  9. Project Management: Public Relations Managers often handle multiple campaigns and projects simultaneously, so strong project management skills are necessary to ensure all tasks are completed on time and within budget.

  10. Flexibility and Adaptability: The field of public relations is constantly evolving, so Public Relations Managers must be able to adapt to changes and quickly respond to emerging trends and situations.

Public Relations Manager

Public Relations Manager duties and responsibilities

Top 3-7 Duties of a Public Relations Manager:

  1. Developing and implementing PR strategies: Creating and executing effective public relations strategies to enhance the company's reputation and promote its products or services.

  2. Media relations: Building and maintaining relationships with the media, including journalists, bloggers, and influencers, to secure positive media coverage and manage crisis communication.

  3. Content creation and storytelling: Developing compelling content, including press releases, articles, blog posts, and social media updates, to engage the target audience and convey key messages.

  4. Event planning and management: Organizing and managing various events, such as press conferences, media tours, product launches, and industry conferences, to generate media coverage and boost brand visibility.

  5. Corporate communication: Ensuring consistent communication and messaging across all internal and external channels, including employees, stakeholders, shareholders, and the general public.

  6. Monitoring and analysis: Tracking and analyzing media coverage, social media conversations, and industry trends to evaluate the effectiveness of PR campaigns and adjust strategies accordingly.

  7. Crisis management: Developing and implementing crisis communication plans, managing sensitive issues or crises promptly and effectively, and protecting the company's reputation in challenging situations.

Qualifications required to be Public Relations Manager

The qualifications required for a Public Relations Manager may vary depending on the organization and industry. However, typically, the following qualifications and skills are desirable:

  1. Education: A bachelor's degree in public relations, communications, marketing, journalism, or a related field is usually required. Some organizations may even prefer candidates with a master's degree.

  2. Experience: Relevant work experience in public relations or a related field is often required. This may include previous roles in public relations, media relations, corporate communications, or marketing.

  3. Communication skills: Strong oral and written communication skills are essential for a Public Relations Manager. They should be able to effectively communicate with various stakeholders, including clients, media personnel, employees, and the public.

  4. Media relations: Experience in building and maintaining relationships with media outlets and journalists is crucial. The ability to pitch stories, write press releases, and manage media inquiries is highly valued.

  5. Strategic thinking: Public Relations Managers should have strong strategic thinking skills and the ability to develop strategic PR plans and campaigns that align with the organization's goals.

  6. Crisis management: Dealing with crises and managing reputation is an important aspect of public relations. A Public Relations Manager should be adept at handling and mitigating crises effectively.

  7. Digital media expertise: With the rise of social media and digital platforms, knowledge of digital marketing, social media management, and online reputation management is increasingly important for a Public Relations Manager.

  8. Interpersonal skills: Public Relations Managers often collaborate with various internal and external stakeholders. Therefore, strong interpersonal skills, including the ability to build relationships, negotiate, and persuade, are valuable assets.

  9. Leadership skills: Public Relations Managers may manage a team of PR professionals. Therefore, strong leadership and people management skills are essential for effectively leading and motivating the team.

  10. Industry knowledge: Familiarity with the industry in which the organization operates is often preferred. Public Relations Managers should keep up-to-date with industry trends, news, and best practices.

While these qualifications are commonly sought after, it's important to note that different organizations may have specific requirements and preferences based on their unique needs.

Public Relations Manager Job Description Template


Job Brief

We are seeking a Public Relations Manager (PR Manager) to nurture a strong industry network, increase awareness and develop an enviable corporate image by developing and executing effective communication and media relations programs.


  • Develop a marketing communications plan including strategy, goals, budget and tactics
  • Develop media relations strategy, seeking high-level placements in print, broadcast and online media
  • Coordinate all public relations activities
  • Direct social media team to engage audiences across traditional and new media
  • Leverage existing media relationships and cultivate new contacts within business and industry media
  • Manage media inquiries and interview requests
  • Create content for press releases, byline articles and keynote presentations
  • Monitor, analyze and communicate PR results on a quarterly basis
  • Evaluate opportunities for partnerships, sponsorships and advertising on an on-going basis.
  • Build relationships with thought leaders to grow industry awareness
  • Maintain a keen understanding of industry trends affecting clients and make appropriate recommendations regarding communication strategy surrounding them


  • Proven working experience in public relations required
  • Proven track record designing and executing successful public relations campaigns at both a local and national level
  • Strong relationships with both local and national business and industry media outlets
  • Experience in acting as a company spokesperson; comfortable and skilled in both broadcast and print media interviews
  • Exceptional writing and editing skills
  • Solid experience with social media including blogs, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Event planning experience
  • BA/MA degree in Marketing, Advertising, Communications or a related discipline

What are some qualities of a good Public Relations Manager?

A good Public Relations Manager possesses several key qualities that contribute to their success in effectively managing external communication for an organization. First and foremost, excellent communication skills are paramount. This includes being adept at both written and verbal communication, as well as having strong interpersonal skills to build relationships with various stakeholders. A PR Manager should also be a strategic thinker, able to analyze situations and develop effective communication strategies that align with the organization's goals and values. They should have a solid understanding of the media landscape and be able to navigate it effectively to promote the organization positively. Flexibility is also crucial, as PR Managers often work in dynamic environments that require them to quickly adapt to changes or crises. Additionally, strong project management skills, the ability to multitask, and attention to detail are essential for successfully managing multiple campaigns and initiatives simultaneously. A good PR Manager is also skilled in problem-solving and is able to handle pressure with grace and professionalism. Overall, a combination of these qualities allows a PR Manager to effectively manage external communication, build positive relationships, and protect and enhance the organization's reputation.

What are the salary expectations of Public Relations Manager?

The salary expectations of a Public Relations Manager can vary depending on various factors such as location, industry, years of experience, and the size of the company. On average, a Public Relations Manager can expect to earn between $60,000 and $100,000 per year. However, in some industries or high-demand areas, the salary range can go higher, with top-level Public Relations Managers earning over $150,000 per year. It is always important to research the specific industry and location to get a better idea of the salary expectations.

Who does Public Relations Manager report to?

A Public Relations (PR) Manager typically reports to the Head of Communications or the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) within an organization. They work closely with various internal teams, including marketing, advertising, and HR departments. PR Managers also collaborate extensively with external stakeholders such as media outlets, influencers, industry analysts, and the general public. Additionally, they may work with agencies or consultants specializing in public relations and communications.

Last Updated 26 Sep, 2023

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