Communications Specialist Job Description Template

Use this Communications Specialist job description template to advertise the open roles for free using You can use this template as a starting point, modify the requirements according the needs of your organization or the client you are hiring for.
Communications Specialist Job Description Template

Job Brief

We are looking for an enthusiastic Communications Specialist to manage our external and internal communications. You will promote a positive public image and control the dissemination of information on our company’s behalf.

Phenomenal communication and copywriting skills make a strong communications specialist. Experience in corporate communications and project management are important qualities too. Your enthusiasm and positive attitude will help you gain the trust of colleagues and external parties alike.


  • Develop effective corporate communication strategies
  • Manage internal communications (memos, newsletters etc.)
  • Draft content (e.g. press releases) for mass media or company website
  • Organize initiatives and plan events or press conferences
  • Liaise with media and handle requests for interviews, statements etc.
  • Foster relationships with advocates and key persons
  • Collaborate with marketing professionals to produce copy for advertisements or articles
  • Perform “damage control” in cases of bad publicity
  • Facilitate the resolution of disputes with the public or external vendors
  • Assist in communication of strategies or messages from senior leadership


  • Proven experience as communications specialist
  • Experience in web design and content production is a plus
  • Experience in copywriting and editing
  • Solid understanding of project management principles
  • Working knowledge of MS Office; photo and video-editing software is an asset
  • Excellent communication (oral and written) and presentation skills
  • Outstanding organizational and planning abilities
  • Proficient command of English
  • BSc/BA in public relations, communications or relevant field

What does Communications Specialist do?

A Communications Specialist is responsible for managing and executing various communications initiatives within an organization. On a day-to-day basis, their tasks may include:

  1. Writing and editing: Creating and editing content for various communication channels, such as company newsletters, press releases, blog posts, social media updates, and website content.

  2. Media relations: Building and maintaining relationships with journalists and media outlets, pitching stories, and coordinating media interviews and press conferences.

  3. Internal communications: Developing and implementing internal communication strategies to ensure effective communication within the organization, such as creating employee newsletters, organizing town hall meetings, and managing intranet platforms.

  4. External communications: Developing and implementing external communication strategies to enhance the organization's image and reputation, such as managing social media platforms, responding to customer inquiries, and developing marketing materials.

  5. Crisis communication: Developing proactive and reactive strategies to handle potential crises, including crafting messages and coordinating communication efforts during high-profile incidents or reputational challenges.

  6. Event management: Organizing and coordinating events such as conferences, trade shows, and speaking engagements to promote the organization and its initiatives.

  7. Monitoring and reporting: Monitoring media coverage and social media mentions related to the organization, tracking key performance indicators, and preparing reports to evaluate the effectiveness of communication efforts.

  8. Collaborating with stakeholders: Working closely with various teams and departments within the organization, such as marketing, HR, and executive leadership, to align communication efforts and ensure consistent messaging.

  9. Research and analysis: Conducting research on industry trends, competitors, and target audiences to inform communication strategies and identify opportunities for improvement.

  10. Continuous learning: Staying up-to-date with the latest communication tools, technologies, and best practices through attending conferences, participating in training programs, and networking with professionals in the field.

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