Leasing Consultant Job Description Template

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Leasing Consultant Job Description Template

Job Brief

We are looking for a competent Leasing Consultant to undertake the leasing activities on behalf of property owners. The successful candidate will effectively explore the market to identify opportunities and secure tenants.


  • Present apartments, houses or other properties to prospective clients in a persuasive manner
  • Assist residential landlords in discovering suitable tenants
  • Promote unoccupied properties through various media and advertising techniques
  • Evaluate clients’ requirements and financial prosperity to make personalized presentations
  • Provide accurate information on the different features of properties
  • Validate application information and references
  • Negotiate leasing terms and complete agreements
  • Keep abreast of the property market status
  • Ensure proper maintenance and inspect properties periodically


  • Proven working experience as a Leasing Consultant
  • Good knowledge of leasing rules and regulations
  • Proven track record of successful sales
  • Basic understanding of MS Office
  • Exquisite presentation and negotiation skills
  • Well-versed in marketing and sales techniques
  • Customer-focused approach
  • BSc degree in property management or similar

What does Leasing Consultant do?

A Leasing Consultant is responsible for assisting potential tenants in finding and leasing rental properties. On a day-to-day basis, their tasks may include:

  1. Handling inquiries: Responding to phone calls, emails, and walk-in inquiries from prospective tenants. This involves providing information about available properties, rental rates, lease terms, and answering any other questions they may have.

  2. Property tours: Conducting property tours to showcase available units to potential tenants. This includes highlighting the features and amenities of the property and addressing any concerns or requests.

  3. Application processing: Assisting applicants in completing rental applications, verifying their information, and conducting background and credit checks, in compliance with fair housing regulations.

  4. Lease negotiation: Negotiating lease terms, such as rental rates, lease duration, and any additional terms or clauses, while ensuring adherence to company policies and regulations.

  5. Lease signing: Preparing lease agreements for tenants, explaining the terms and conditions, and obtaining signatures.

  6. Resident support: Assisting current residents with any questions, concerns, or maintenance requests they may have. This involves coordinating with maintenance staff or property management to address and resolve issues promptly.

  7. Marketing and advertising: Contributing to marketing efforts to attract potential tenants. This may involve creating and updating property listings, managing online rental platforms, coordinating with advertising agencies, and promoting vacancies effectively.

  8. Market research: Keeping up-to-date with market conditions, including rental trends, competitor pricing, and local area developments to make informed suggestions and recommendations to management.

  9. Administrative tasks: Handling administrative duties such as filing documents, maintaining records of rental agreements, updating databases, and preparing reports or presentations as required.

  10. Building relationships: Establishing and maintaining good relationships with tenants, residents, brokers, and other professionals in the real estate industry. This includes promptly addressing concerns and providing excellent customer service.

Please note that the specific duties may vary depending on the company, property type, and location of employment.

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